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speaker connections

Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
  1. S

    Help Required on Installation

    Hi, I have bought JBL Studio 2 Series speakers and Harman AVR 270 7.1 Receiver. Need help in Installation. Wiring is already done in my room for 7.1 I dont know how to connect it now. I guess I have to buy Banana Plugs for the connection. To avoid all these hurdles, I contacted some of...
  2. A

    dvd home theater to pc

    How can I achieve a sorround sound on my PC connecting to a DVD Home Theater using the Home Theater's connection? Does it need to be connected to the RCA? Can I use the digital in of the Home Theater and does it enable sorround? Please help. My PC only has the analog sound card for now. I'm...
  3. denzong

    Wiring of Wharfs 9.5

    :sos: I know this may sound very absurd to many or some may call me innovator of the year but i have a query for which i need a solution. may be a weird question or maybe someone else may have similar question in mind. :D my FS are attached to my 2.1 channel amp. the amp is connected to ...