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speaker placement

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  1. anirudhchandrashekar

    How to increase the soundstage height?

    Hello all. Been busy working on my panels for the room. Unfortunately I have a square room (12x12) and a 9.5ft ceiling. Been trying out various placements of my PSB Synchronys and acoustic panels. Fiddling around, the depth can be chilling at times. But, when I auditioned the speakers at the...
  2. jls001

    What Tweaks Work For You?

    Many of us have tried various tweaks at some point or the other in our audio-video journey. Some work, while some do nothing. These could be room acoustic treatments, speaker placement (though placement is, strictly speaking, not a tweak, but for this discussion we will consider it a "tweak" as...
  3. vikramdesigner

    Speaker Angle or placement , if its closer?

    Hi Friends, Check this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2BdEUBwi0A SOrry the video is dark :( (KEF Q300 + NAD C356BEE DAC) I know my setup placement is wrong , Speakers should be in 6-8 feet distance, the problem is im planning to get new stands within a month but for now i just...
  4. V

    ideal 5.1 speaker placement, please suggest

    Hi again guys, I'm having my onkyo 3500 5.1 ht set up today, and i've been online since more than 2 hours, and there is just so much info on the net, and its not consistent.. I wanted to know what the best position would be to place my speakers in my room. Some posts swear by wall mounts...
  5. H

    Help needed to setup my HTiB

    Hi, i will be getting my yamaha yht -597 shortly, which contains yamaha rx-v473 and yamaha 5.1 speaker system. i have seen many posts in the forum where the left,centre,right speakers are placed very close to the TV. Is it necessary to do. Is there any optimum distance calculation regarding...
  6. TheCoolestOne

    Speakers setup and Placement

    Hi All, I need some advise on the speaker combo setup and the placement I want to go in for. What do you think of the following combi... Suggestions are most welcome and required: Front BS: Wharfedale 9.2 Centre: Wharfedale 9 CS (or would you suggest the 9CM) Rear Surround: Wharfedale...