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speaker system

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    Need help in buying a home theatre / speaker system under Rs. 10,000

    Hi, I want to buy a speaker system to connect to my Samsung 5 series 32" LED TV (bought in December 2012). Primary purpose: Movies (surround sound) and Gaming - PS3 I have a max. budget 10,000 I have currently connected a 2.1 speaker system (Altec Lansing) but the performance is not...
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    Good Speaker system and AV Receiver.

    Hi Experts, I am planning to build a Home theatre. Need your advice to buy really good speaker system and AV Receiver which supports 1.4a HDMI (for 3d support to my Tv). My room size is around 10*50 in my flat. The price should not exceed 1 lac. I will be using the system mostly for...