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speakers for yamaha amp

  1. forever.pramod

    HT within range of 1.2Lac

    My room size is of 10X12, I guess its in the small or medium category. And usage is 80% for music and 20%for movies. I have shortlisted YAMAHA RX-V477 / RX-V577 for my AV receiver and I like Klipsch and Polk speakers, but Klipsch is a little bit more costlier and not affordable to me. My whole...
  2. M

    BS Speakers for Yamaha RX V 692

    Hi, I got a YAMAHA RX V-692 as a gift. But no speakers. I am living in Delhi and want to buy speakers. My budget is around Rs. 20000. Can anyone suggest me good speakers. I would prefer book shelf of decent floor standers. Best Regards, Mahesh:)