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  1. J

    For Sale JBL GTO20M car speakers

    JBL GTO20M car speakers selling at 11k. It is new and unused . got it as gift. but not required as we already have another system. Around 9 months warranty remaining...
  2. A

    For Sale For Sale: [PRICE DROP LAST] Triangle Borea- Br08 Floorstander Speakers

    Hi All, Putting up for sale with a heavy heart my Triangle Boreas BR08's which I brought 2 months back... I bought them with much charm but sadly my room is not big enough to accommodate these big babies.. Hmm have to let them go... Trust me the musicality on these speakers have touched me...
  3. S

    Samsung HW-Q950T soundbar Bangalore purchase options

    I'm looking to buy a Samsung HW-Q950T soundbar in Bangalore. I've called up a Samsung Plaza and one other home electronics dealer. I've been quoted a price of 1.2 lac Rs. I've seen the prices come closer to 1.1 lac online. Does anyone know where I can get it for a more reasonable price offline...
  4. Y

    Starter TV speaker setup recommendation

    Need Help. I am looking for 2.1 setup for my TV, to start of with. Need your feedback and suggestions for what I am trying to do. I have a topping MX3 amplifier DAC for my PC. I plan to use this first, get a decent set of speakers. I am planning to get the Jamo S803 (in white, I think) first and...
  5. Hemant

    How to do in-wall speakers in Indian conditions

    I understand the wall construction in foreign countries is cardboard /wooden hollow walls so suitable for in-wall speakers. how it implements in Indian houses where most walls are bricks or concrete blocks. would be interested if any solution as space is always issue here. thanks in advance
  6. F

    SOLD Edifier S730D Gaming/Home Theater Speakers

    Selling since I am moving abroad. Have been used only for occasional movie watching. Comes with all accessories incl. optical cable, remote, control panel, speaker wire etc. I don't think I have to explain the quality of these speakers to forum users here. Please read the reviews online. Check...
  7. V

    For Sale Dynaudio Emit M20 bookshelf speakers (Sale Withdrawn)

    Selling the Dynaudio Emit m20 I purchased from FM Flux a few days ago. Sell currently for new on Hifimart for 80k INR. Comes with the box and packing. Top left corner has slight cosmetic damage as shown in the third pic. Functionally 10/10. No issues at all. Welcome to audition briefly...
  8. 3

    Hey everyone....need urgent advice and help

    I was searching all around internet ,YouTube ,Google , yahoo and blah blah blah !!!! But couldn't find a nuclear resolution for my radioactive kinda problem (I know that' Was a filmy line ) but seriously I need help in below points : Note :My dad had purchased a BPL BRAND CLASSIC MUSIC SYSTEM...
  9. W

    Eltax and Magnat speakers

    Hi Everyone, I was suggested Eltax and Magnat Brands by one of the retailers in Ahmedabad. I could not find any detailed reviews. I would like to know your feedback and experience of these brands. I was suggested Magnat Supreme series and Eltax Explorer . Plz give your suggestions.
  10. argho

    Request Advice - Speakers below Rs 1 lakh

    Dear All, Looking for some advice. The upgrade bug has hit me. Looking to upgrade my speakers in my living room stereo setup. Amp : Denon DRA800h Current Speakers : Wharfedale Daimond 230 FS , no sub Music taste : 60's - 70's Rock, Blues, Indian Classical...
  11. A

    Wanted Looking for AVR & Speakers for Atmos

    Hello Am currently looking to upgrade my 5.1 HT to 5.1.2. I am looking for following upgrade: 7.1 ch AVR Pair of speakers for atmos that i can put on my ceiling with no false ceiling. Looking to close both within a budget of Rs 60,000. Please send me your offer.
  12. D


    Hi, Im considering getting bookshelf speakers for my yamaha 3072 avr. Have narrowed down to the q acoustics 3020i and the wharfdale diamond 11.1. Since i cant really audition, some advice from the FMs would be really helpful as i desparately need to upgrade up htib speakers that came with the...
  13. bipin1143

    Wanted Logitech Z625 or Z623 desktop active 2.1 speakers

    Im looking for a pair of desktop speakers[Z625 or Z623] from logitech in very good condition without any cosmetic or internal damages. Please let me know if you are willing to sell. Thanks.
  14. kochumvk

    ELAC FS 207 A vs Heco Victa Prime 702

    Which floor standing speakers will work for me better? I have the option to choose Used ELAC FS 207 Anniversary edition (with AMT tweeter) or brand new Heco Victa Prime 702s Will you suggest anything else that I could buy for under 500 euro a pair? My priorities : Resolution and details up...
  15. dd.dewan

    New Delhi Vinyl Fair Spring Edition - March 8th 2020 - Hauz Khaz Village

    Greetings It is our big pleasure to invite you to the spring edition of the New Delhi Vinyl Fair. This free for all event will take place the 8th of March, in Hauz khas Village, offering a large selection of obscure music on vinyls, cassettes, CDs and vintage posters. (More than 10,000...
  16. A

    Tower speakers for Nuprime ida-16 amplifier

    Hi guys! I recently upgraded my amplifier to a Nuprime ida-16 from a NAD 356bee. https://nuprimeaudio.com/product/ida-16/?v=c86ee0d9d7ed The speakers I have been using are wharfedele diamond 9.5s. As my new amplifier does not have any tone controls I feel that the bass response is very poor at...
  17. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale SOLD - Martin Logan ESL speakers back on sale

    Offers invited: I have two excellent sets of speakers (Spendors and Martin Logans) but space for just one. Having to squeeze 2 sets of speakers in the same listening space is also restricting proper placement. So, despite wanting to keep both, I've decided to put the Martin Logan Electrostats on...
  18. D

    Suggestions for 7.2.4 subwoofers (Budget details inside)

    Hi all, I am planning to build a dedicated HT with a 7.2.4 setup. My room size is 21 ft x 15 ft x 9 ft. I will use the room for movies, music and games (33% each) I am a bit new with this, but I have been researching a lot! Per my research, I have finalized the following: 1) Projector -...
  19. eddie_fox

    Wanted High efficiency speakers (suitable for tube amplification)

    Hi all, I am moving on from my Harbeths + Trigon SS integrated to a potential tube amplification setup. I am looking for used speakers which would work well with tubes as well as SS, maybe even horns. Any suggestions please? Budget - Around 3 lakhs (for used speakers) Music genres - Most...
  20. A

    Good Compact stereo setup below 30k

    Dear All, i like to build a good compact stereo setup for my bedroom( 12x12ft) listening!!amp / BF spkrs am looking to decide! can u ppl pls suggest some of the good setups or combo!! sharing their setup pictures will help me to get more idea !! Thank u