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  1. F

    Can I connect a 6ohm speaker to my nr609?

    Onkyo nr609 is rated for 8ohm,100w and 6ohm,125w speakers. I am newbie and I am attempting to connect a 6ohm, 100w rated speaker to this receiver. So, I figured this would be the best place to ask this question before connecting and doing damage to the receiver.
  2. P

    denon avr + kef speakers

    Hello everyone, Like everyone else I am also planning to get a HT setup in my apartment and need everyone's valuable advice. Earlier I was planning for Bose v25 home theatrebut after reading reviews online now I am planning to buy a denon 2312/2112 avr with kef t-305 home theatre speakers. I...
  3. rohitmusic

    Amp + Speakers for pure music listening. [Budget: 30-40k]

    Dear Friends, Warm Greeting! :) I need to setup an Hifi music system and need your expert advice for same. Requirements: ========== Musical Tastes: Instrumental, semi-classical, basically soft and light music, occasionally pop. (Artists like Bryan A, Air supply...
  4. L

    Vintage Celestion Speakers

    Hi, I came across some Celestion 120 speakers in my mums loft, these speakers are fully working with minor scratches. Are they worth anything is I try to sell them. Many thanks Lee
  5. L

    Celestion Speaker help

    Hi, I have come across some celestion speakers in my mums loft, I have tested these and the sound good. On the front of the speaker cover is has Celestion 120 on the badge but I cant find any info on the net. Are these worth anything or should I just take them to the tip? Many thanks Lee
  6. X

    Help me choose Monitor Audio Rx6 or B&W684 or Quad 22l2

    I have narrowed down to 3 floorstanders but am unable to decide between B&W 684, MA Rx6 and Quad 22l2.
  7. J

    The Bug has bitten!

    Hi Guys ! It all started with an idea of looking for a System doing double duty for a stereo and Home theater. While many systems we heard, performed quite well for theater application, the music was not satisfying in stereo. So much so that it did not even come close to the music that had...
  8. V

    Speakers / HT for Denon AVR 1912

    Hi I have a Denon 1912 (7.1 ch). I'm looking to install it in my living room which is of 12 x 40 ft. Will be using it mostly for stereo music setup.. Also a few movies and TV.. What is a good configuration of speakers? Budget is 30-40,000 INR. Thanks in advance :)
  9. B

    DLS speakers

    Hey anyone own or have a review on this scandinavian speaker brand called DLS? They are apparently know for their car audio speakers and are now into home audio and were highly recommended by a dealer here. Unfortunately there is very little info about them on the internet. I did hear the...
  10. B

    Availability of the following Speakers in Hyderabad

    Hi, I am looking forward to purchase one of the following speakers: Tannoy F1 Usher S520 Norge 1000 Paradigm Atom Monitor PSB Can anyone please tell me where I can get them in Hyderabad? Thanks a lot. Best Regards, Bob
  11. A

    Complete Home Theatre under 1,85,000

    Hello Everyone. This is my first post at 'hifivision'. Used to read a lot about the suggestions of all the Gurus like you at different forums here. And now, I need your help. I am about to set up a home theater for a room 10x14 in size. Movies-60% Music-40% Came down at this: TV - Sony...
  12. U

    For Sale Wharfedale Front/Centre, DVD Player and Denon Amplifier

    I have the follow up for sale: Wharfedale Xarus 5000 Series Front Floor standing speaker: 12000/- Wharfedale Centre Speaker WH-2 : 6000/- Panasonic DVD Player XV10: 1100/- Denon Apmlifier AVR-1604: 12000/- I am not using my home setup too often so thought to put it up for sale. They are...
  13. D

    Looking for places to buy Speakers in Delhi

    I am in the market for speakers (for home use only), so looking for reputable places to audition them in Delhi. Speakers I am interested in. Bowers&Wilkins Kef Monitor Audios Also looking for references to buy Audio furniture and accessories (cables, power strip etc.) Thanks for...
  14. M

    Looking to Upgrade my current Stereo- Help requested

    Hi All, I'm not a very knowledgeable person, but love listening to good music and to certain extent tell the difference between good sound and not so good sound. I currently own a Sonodyne HT in a box, which I don't want to touch till my new home gets ready in about an year's time, however...
  15. Santy

    For Sale Sparingly used Norge Millenium Bookshelves

    Hi Folks Up for sale is my Norge Millennium MKII speakers just under 1 year old. This is considered to be one of the best budget speakers of audiophile grade. For its pricing, its an excellent value for money. It has good bass and nice midrange. If you have still not stepped into HiFi...
  16. Hari Iyer

    Fostex / Lowther Full-Range Driver Availability

    Where to purchase Fostex or Lowther Full-Range Drivers in India. Considering this driver for a new TL project. Pls. advise.
  17. P

    Speakers for Denon 1911

    All the gurus This is the setup I am planning for my HT. Denon AVR-1911: Already have this. Fronts: GamuT Dana 1525: Auditioned these with 1911 and really love the sound stage created. Frequency response: 58-22000Hz Load Impedance: 4 ohms nominal, minimum 3.2 Ohms at 220Hz...
  18. I

    USB Speakers for Laptop

    Hellow, I am new to this place and would like to get expert suggestions to get best USB Speaker system for quality output from Laptop, HP Pavillion Series.