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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. S

    help needed setting up new ht

    Hi everyone, im new to this forum.i wanted to set up a new ht in my house.My journey started couple of weeks back.i initially wanted to buy yamaha yht 2910 which is priced around 40k.i was new to this world.i thought it was a better one.i dont know anything about avrs and speakers.once i...
  2. rainbowsong2000

    What Speakers I Should Buy for Pioneer VSX - S 520D

    Hello, Its been long time ! I am purchasing Pioneer VSX - S 520D Slimline Receiver from Switzerland, i know this is not a powerful system. But considering my room size, 4k Upscaling, Chromecast and Compact design i have decided to this receiver. Now, i cannot bring the bulky speakers from...
  3. S

    For Sale Marantz NR 1604 AV Receiver and Wharfedale DX-1 7.1 Speakers

    Hi, I am selling the following items. They are very well maintained and in very good condition. Please see the pictures and feel free to ask any questions. 1. Marantz NR 1604 AV Receiver in Black Color. You can find more details and specs here Asking Price: INR 25000/- 2. Wharfedale DX-1 7.1...
  4. S

    Floor Standing Speaker Search

    Can anyone tell me about their experience with the Yamaha NS - 777 Floor Standing speakers ? I have just blown my JBL XTI 100 ( circa 2003 ) and need a new pair of speakers which have the right lows and highs in the under INR 100K range. Thanx
  5. S

    Triangle Speakers

    Hi Friends, I am almost finalising my home theater setup. After auditions, I finally liked the Triangle Elara LS07 tower speakers. I wanted to read reviews for them or want a review first hand user. I have been searching this forum, but somehow could not find any. I have been quoted...
  6. S

    Wanted Scans of Arphi and Cosmic Brochures

    Hi, In a couple of threads referring to classic indian amps, a FM had posted links to scans of Arphi and Cosmic product brochures. These links are no longer available for download. If any FM still has copies, please could you post them again here? Regards, sdk
  7. A

    For Sale Philips Fidelio Wireless Home Theater with 6 months warranty

    Hi, Putting up for sale my Philips Fidelio B5 Wireless Home Theater. This was purchased from Vijay Sales on 31st March 2017 hence within warranty. My purchase price was INR 45,000 My expected price is INR 35,000 Current MRP in Croma: INR 52,000 Reason for sale: have been gifted a...
  8. D

    Bookshelf Speakers

    Hello, I am looking for a pair of not too expensive Bookshelf speakers preferably in Bangalore or anywhere in India who is ready to ship.
  9. A

    For Sale Yamaha NS P20 speakers and NS SW20 Active Sub

    Hi FM's Am selling perfectly working Yamaha NS P20 Speakers and Active Sub. Got these as part of YHT 2910 package which I bought in October 2016. Details as follows: Ownership: Am the first owner. Location: Kolkata Working Condition: 10/10. Product used for about 6 months only. Rest...
  10. sumanhomroy

    Did anyone heard Acarian Systems Alon Petite

    Has any FM heard Acarian Systems Alon Petite, there are some nice reviews about this speakers- Alon Petite and Centris Review [url=http://sonoris.co.kr/review/reviews/stereoph/alonpets.htm]Al
  11. Kannan

    Experiencing Xavian Speakers at AVLounge

    AV Lounge which is owned by Mr. Venkat, is a showroom for both stereo and home theater enthusiasts in Chennai. It is located in Old No.9, New No.15, 4th Cross Street, Ormes Road, Kilpauk, Chennai 600010. Contact numbers are 2644 3000, 2644 5000 and 94443 69900, email: info@avlounge.in Some...
  12. N

    Please help to estimate the RMS power output of this speaker set.

    Hello All, Can anybody estimate the RMS power output for TAGA HARMONY TAV 606 SE please? The PMPO is 600 watts. I am giving the specs here. TAGA - To Achieve Glorious Acoustics This is actually to figureout a suitable power output of an AVR to use with this speaker set. Thank...
  13. N

    YHT196 + TAGA speakers experience

    Hey Guys, i was using Yamaha YHT196 for the last few months and it was absolutely awesome package for the price. Home theater effect for movies is superb for that price. I taught of adding an active sub. That will add some good bass, and the AVR can boost more power to satelites. But The...
  14. B

    Speakers Blown - To Repair Or Not?

    Hi I have a 7-8 yrs old SAMSUNG LED Television, whose speakers seem to have blown and emitting a shrill crackling sound at moderate volume. Now I am wondering if I should repair/ replace the speakers or do I have any other option like buying an external sound bar? I am assuming that for...
  15. N

    If the Yamaha AVR is not powerful enough to drive Taga 5.1 speaker set....

    Hello all, I ordered Taga Harmony TAV 606 SE. I have an AVR from yamaha YHT196 (100w, 6-ohms, with only "ONE" channel driven. If this Avr struggles to power the taga speaker set, is there any thing we can do other than replacing the avr? (I mean is there any cheap solution?) Thanks Naveen
  16. N

    Taga Harmony dealers or suppliers in hyderabad

    Hello all, Does any one know the dealers for taga harmony speakers in hyderabad ?? I checked many stores, but no one sells them here. Thanks..
  17. N

    Hometheater showroom in your city.

    Hi guys, The following are a few places in Hyderabad for home theater systems. Cinebells Jbl studio The sound room Vector systems Sound and vision Sound republic Usk electronics Please add other shops in your town in this thread. I personally got frustrated driving all day...
  18. N

    Try speakers, avr, etc on rent before buying....

    Hello all, Many of us have an AVR and they want to buy some speakers for it. Likewise, many of us have some speakers and they want a good AVR. Many of us are confused in compatability of components. So why there isn't a good music instrument rental service in cities... im wondering...
  19. A

    In the Darbar of the Darbaris

    A couple of weeks back I was lucky to have heard the Darbaris - a pair of floorstanding speakers designed and crafted by our very own forum member, TCPIP. Let me admit upfront, these speakers look quite intimidating. Their design is unlike something you would have seen in a mass produced speaker...
  20. A

    Wanted Yamaha Subwoofer 6.5inch powered

    I need Yamaha Powered subwoofer 6.5 inch (one that comes with yht 299/1810/2910). if anyone up for selling reply to this