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Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. S

    Any recommendation for service company here in bangalore for my squeezebox

    I have an old squeezebox (sb2) bought way back in 2005. Now it does not boot anymore. I am trying to get it repaired, but couldn't find anyone brave to open it up :P Can anyone recommend me someone who works with hi-fi systems or any other electronic systems, here in bangalore. thanks...
  2. B

    Playing music through my AV Receiver without it switching the TV on

    I'm being driven wild with frustration on this one. I have a Logitech Squeezebox connected to my Onkyo 609 so that I can stream music to my living room (I have a number of squeezeboxes so like to synchronise) Challenge that I have is that when I switch on the squeezebox and receiver it turns...
  3. H

    Grace Digital or Logitech Squeeze Box

    Hi Guys!! Its been a while since i posted. I have an oppurtunity to pick up some stuff from the usa. I was looking at Logitech Squeeze Box or Squeeze box touch. Also stumbled upon Grace Digital music player. which is a better buy? .. Logitech Squeeze box Touch...
  4. K

    SBT - Where to buy in Singapore?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can buy Squeezebox touch in Singapore? I am looking for a market or possibly the exact store where I am certain to find the SBT in stock. Also, if possible information on if I can pay using international credit card or carrying cash is a safer option. What...
  5. santhosh

    For Sale ADCOM Pre and Power, B&W DM610, Squeezebox, Popcornhour and other Accessories

    Friends, I have decided to let go of my 2 Channel System (entire system except Turntable) and few other things as I am consolidating my 2 Channel rig in preperation for my next upgrade :). 1) Logitech Squeezebox Duet Condition: Excellent (9/10) Reason for sale: Built a Music PC Original Box...
  6. M

    User friendly?Sonos vs Squeezebox vs Cambridge Audio Sonata NP30 vs Marantz CR502 etc

    Hi all, I wonder what is your opinion on the human/machine interaction on those devices (streamers - please expand the list of any ones you use). I had a chance to play with the Cambridge Audio Sonata NP30 in the store and was so surprised that a simple thing like finding an online radio...
  7. R

    Logitech Squeezebox Duet

    My impressions of Squeezebox Duet, after a week of usage I bought a Squeezebox Duet a few days back and this post captures a few of my observations over the last 1 week of using it, and learning from various internet forums. Disclaimer: These are my personal observations though, arising from...