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Home Theatre Systems
  1. Kannan

    For Sale 8KVA main line stabilizer

    V-Guard VGMW-800, 8 KVA mainline stabilizer. Put on the mainline and safeguard all your equipment including hifi gadgets. Wide voltage correction from 100 volt to 290 volts High Voltage Cut Off Built in Volt meters I am first buyer. Around 4 years old. Weighs 40 kgs, so shipping will be...
  2. MaSh

    Which Budget Voltage Stabilizer / Regulator?

    Hi, With my very old vguard Stabilizer showing signs of ditching me, I need suggestions on what to replace it with? My entire setup would be run through it which majorly include the TV, a receiver, a htpc and PS3. I don't want anything fancy, just a simple budget device that can keep a check...
  3. H

    Servo Stabiliser Selection Confusion

    Dear All, I need help to decide weather I want to take a Servo Stabilizer or not.I am using 150W pure class A amplifier.Please find the below speck.In my area voltage is not constant it will change regularly. Configuration: Dual mono 0.7 kVA supply transformer...
  4. R

    Electrical gear for OMNI protection! - Suggestions please..

    Hi friends, I am a new member here and I am from Chennai. I am looking for a list of electrical gears to protect all of my electrical equipments. My proposed home will have - 6-7 tubelights connected to inverter - 4-5 fans connected to inverter - 3 ACs - 2 LCD/LED TVs - Home theatre -...