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Mogami Cables
  1. S

    Good voltage stabilizer??

    Need suggestion on good stabilizer for which should driver following device 55 inch LED (155W) + Yamaha RX-V685 (590W) + Home PC (600W [maximum, usually it takes 300-400) + some addition in future Drilled down to V-Guard Digi 200, however it have 1300VA which seems like less for me for above...
  2. P

    Voyage stabilizer capacity

    0down votefavorite I need to use a voltage stabilizer to secure my USB Hub (Anker PowerPort 6), but the stabilizer (v-guard crystal MINI) is slightly underpowered. It is rated at 1.3A, 300W (230V). My Anker has input requirements of 1.4A (it's total output is only 60W at 5V per port). My...
  3. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale Servo Voltage Stabilizer 2 KVA Vertex Brand

    This was purchased about 6 months ago directly from Vertex. It has been specially wired for audio use. In mint condition and under warranty. I am the first owner and selling because I switched to an online UPS. Price Rs. 8,000 pickup from Pune (Purchase price was Rs. 13,000)
  4. noblejose

    UPS or Stabiliser ??

    I'm in search for a good power protector for my HT setup; Can I use a UPS instead of Stabilizer? I need to protect my devices from power fluctuations; power backup is not necessary (but ofcourse an added advantage, if price is somewhere similar). Below are my components to be connected: TV -...
  5. P

    What Should i buy for power cuts?

    The area where i live is experiencing frequent power cuts. Last year my computer Motherboard got fried due to a sudden power cut. I'm afraid that will happen again. I wanted to ask what should i buy in order to deal with this issue- a stabilizer or a power Surge Potector and which brand to...
  6. U

    Voltage stabilizer / booster for water pump

    Hi All, I searched on this quite a bit but didn't find anything. Please share your views. The 1 HP motor in our building has gone under the knife many times over the last couple of years and everytime the electrician's explanations point to the same thing - wide fluctuations in voltage...
  7. T

    Stabilizer for ONKYO 3400 ???

    I have been using Onkyo 3400 HT since last few months. I am facing power fluctuation in my area and Onkyo service center advised me immediately install a 1kva stabilizer. Please suggest what would be the budget friendly best option. I was browsing in flipkart who are offering few models but...
  8. G

    Do I need a stabilizer for my Amplifier?

    Do I need a stabilizer for my Amplifier? Friends, I brought integrated amplifier, one graphic equalizer [pioneer], CDP. Do I need to buy a stabilizer? I do have UPS at my place. Please suggest as to whether buying stabilizer is mandatory. Regards, Gudu
  9. A

    ***Urgent***Need advice on surge protector for LED TV

    Hi, I recently bought Samung LED TV 32EH5000. I moved into new house and connected it there in living room. Whenever I try to switch On/Off the fan, my TV's screen fluctates. This seems to be a serious issue of voltage fluctuation. I browsed through similar threads of this forum and found...
  10. K

    UPS for LG42lm6700

    hello, i recently bought lg42lm6700.we have only 10 hrs power for a day.we have APC inverter(600va).i want to know whether do i need a stabilizer and should i connect my TV plugpoint directly to UPS slot?or the stabilizer be connected to UPS?my tv watts is 170 watts.should i upgrade it...
  11. S

    Bought Sony 40EX650. Need stabilizer, calibration and break in guidance

    Hi Folks, I just bought a Sony 40EX650 from Ghaffar Market in Delhi. The cost was Rs. 42500. I am really happy with the purchase and want to set it up correctly for maximum enjoyment. I request the helps from resident experts on this forum to help me with the following 4 queries: 1) Do...
  12. S

    Power Woes...Stabilizer vs UPS vs Nada

    Hi All Even though ive been visiting the forum for years now to look for answers to my layman AV queries, this is actually the first time im writing here. So finally bought my first proper AV setup (AVphiles would beg to differ but hey i think its decent for a beginner). The setup is...
  13. H

    1. Suggestions for better sound 2. Voltage fluctuations/stabilization

    All, I am finally getting some time to play around with some audio gear I purchased quite some time back. Specifically, Klipsch F-2 floor-standers, NAD amp & CD player, Onkyo HT and JVC multi-component system. When I bought the Klipsch speakers (in Pune, more than a year back), I really liked...