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  1. S

    For Sale Plexiglass Stands/Shelves For Super Heavy Amplifiers

    A pair of Stands/Shelves for placing on the floor to support super heavy amplifiers which cant be supported on normal stands. Very good condition. 8 on 10. I have 2 units. Till very recently the Jeff Rowland 825 along with its power supply sat on one of these. The Jeff's weighs a...
  2. D

    wall mount vs stand

    Whats better for an 80" led. a wall mount or a stand?
  3. ShutterX

    Headphone stand

    Can anyone suggest where to get a cheap Headphone stand? I recently bought a set of AD700x and they don't come with any pouch/storage. Indian e-commerce sites seem to be priced ridiculously. I mean 2k for a curved piece of wood? :sad:
  4. P

    For Sale Nexus: Speaker Stand

    Sound Foundations Nexus Speaker Stand Ownership: First Owner Age: 6 months Cosmetic Condition: 10/10 (The protective plastic wraps haven't been taken off yet) Working Condition: 10/10 Warranty: None available Expected Price: Rs.7,500 This is an excellent speaker stand for the price...
  5. Anurag

    For Sale Soundfoundations Nemisis Speaker Stand

    For Sale: Soundfoundations Nemisis Speaker Stand 26 inches tall, weighs 28kgs unfilled, top plate 7 by 9 inches Purchased on 14 May 2013 for rs11400 Expected 7k + Shipping Pic quality isnt very good but the condition of the stands are like new as it is not quite old Regards, Anurag
  6. S

    For Sale Babel CD/DVD Storage Rack

    Imported floor-standing CD/DVD/VHS Rack. A copy of Boltz, USA. Adjustable shelving, depending on your requirements. Will hold a max 495 CDs, or 245 DVDs, or 112 VHS. I have literature that gives you the various permutation and combination, in case you wish to stack all three formats. Available...
  7. S

    For Sale Audio Rack

    Custom built by Sound Foundations (famous Ali bhai of Magma of Mumbai) in 2011. Holds 4 components, can take 100 kilos of weight. Fully adjustable brackets. I've experimented with granite and plexi glass hence have both. In tip-top condition. I had two of these. An original from England & a...
  8. R

    Can I install my onkyo 3500 on wall with basic screws ?

    I know that speakers should be directed towards the ear level . I previously had a jenefas universal wall mountables but it makes my room ugly , can I just put a chip of wood on wall and put a screw and wall hang it ? That looks neat ! But the speakers face directly towards the other wall ...
  9. M

    Wanted Want speaker stand for Z5500

    HI, I'm looking for a pair of used speaker stand for z5500. My maximum budget is INR 1500. a Bookself stand is also fine with me if it suits in this budget:p.
  10. D

    Speaker Stand - My take on DIY

    Hello Everyone, During the long weekend, i tried myself building my own speaker stands for Wharf9.2 BS. Searched for several designs on the net, but most of the common ones are - the one "connecting two plates with a PVC pipe filled with sand". Like someone mentioned earlier, some how i did not...