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stb avr

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. sabret00the

    Home Theater Setup Query (Budget 30-35K)

    Hi Experts, Really need some help here with the following:- Wall-mounting my Philips 40PFL4758/V7 FHD TV Deciding on a good AVR + 5.1 Speakers Configuring devices to the AVR Wall-mounting my Philips 40PFL4758/V7 FHD TV The size of the living room is about 30' x 12' roughly and I'm going...
  2. P

    HDMI Connection - Plasma TV

    Hi, Quick question on HDMI being able to decode Dolby Digital Audio stream. Below are my equipments. 1) Samsung Plasma 51 inch 4900 2) Hathway HD STB 3) Yamaha AVR STB -> TV : HDMI connection STB -> AVR : Optical cable. Option 1: Set Audio on STB to PCM. No issues. Audio played...