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step down transformer

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. O

    Electrical Socket Option for Imported Yamaha Receiver with 10amps Rating

    Hi , i have bought a Yamaha AV receiver from USA which came with 10amp / 110v rating mentioned in the Power Cable. I have got a Step Down Transformer (16amps)already. So should i change the Wiring and Socket to 16amp to make it complete (only 6amp socket available in hall ) ? TIA
  2. C

    Getting Yamaha RX-V681BL from us. Can you help me with an advise please....

    Hello All, im getting Yamaha RX-V681BL avr from Us. Can you suggest a step down transformer please? I have gone through some threads here, and people are usually buying Guru or MAXIM 1.5kva. Is that sufficient for this Avr? Kindly advise..... Is it really required to go for isolation type...
  3. 1

    Step Down transformer for AVR + HT

    Hello HiFivisioners, I bought an Harman Kardon Home theater(HKTS 16BQ) and an Harman Kardon AVR 1610S. Both these products are bought in the US and will be used in Hyderabad, India. As these products are build to work on a power input of 110V and will go boooooom if I power them up with a...
  4. G

    Hello, Please & Thank You :)

    Hi everyone, I'm GF from Mumbai......middling of age, but young of heart.......lover of all things tech. Just beginning my journey into the world of av heaven.......moving up from a Samsung HTIB to a 'proper', albeit fledgling, av system. Been reading this forum for some months now, but...
  5. S

    Step down transformer for my AVR Sony STR-DN840

    Hi, I newly bought Sony STR-DN840 from US. It works on 120V AC, 60Hz. I need a step down transformer to play it in india, but not sure how much watt I need to consider for the transformer. This is an 1050W AVR, but when I see the manual, it says 240W power consumption. Do I need to buy...
  6. R

    Step Down Transformer - Onkyo TX NR609 with Onkyo HT 7.1 speakers Return to India

    Hi All, I think this question might have been answered elsewhere, but would appreciate if someone responds... I have the above Receiver and Speakers 7.1 setup at US. I am moving back to India in short time span. I am looking to take these back with me. I think I might need a step down...
  7. H

    Wanted 1.5 KVA isolation transformer for yamaha HTiB

    Hi, i'm looking for 1.5KVA isolation transformer to be used with yamaha HTib and panasonic bt220. Please suggest some dealers or if someone in forum wants to sell it, i'm ready to buy it too.
  8. S

    240V to 100V 50-60HZ Step down transformer

    Hi All, I am planning to buy a Marantz PM5004 from Japan. However, I would require a 240V to 100V 50-60HZ step down transformer. Can anybody guide me from where can I get it and for what price.
  9. S

    Klipsch From USA, Voltage Hz converter help needed

    Hello HiFiVision, Thank you for having me aboard with the sign up and my first post on here. The problem that brings me here is as under. PROBLEM IN A GIST: I GOT A 2.1 MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM FROM USA AND THAT REFUSES TO NOT HEAT UP WITH A VOLTAGE CONVERTER AS IT USES 60HZ WITH 110 WATTS...
  10. N

    Automatic vs Isolated step down

    Dear Friends, I was looking for a 1KV step down for my Onkyo 608 AVR ( US version ) and tried to look at various threads on same on HFV and and a couple more sites and learnt that : There are mainly two type of step downs that are available in the market which can used with AVRs or other...
  11. R

    Bose companion 5 Step down transformer needed

    Hi, I purchased a Bose companion 5 computer speaker system from US and i have now returned back to india with them. i have been searching for a good and reliable step down transformer for them. I called Bose india Helpline to get a few suggestions. Since i am based in Delhi the Technician...
  12. s2nseek

    UPS and Step down transformer issue

    I am using Maxine brand 220v to 110v step down 2k transformer and stabilizer to power all of my 120v gadgets. Recently I have installed 800VA UPS and when the UPS kicks in, the output voltage of the transformer goes from 110v to 150v. I have measured the EB input 235 and the UPS input 250v...