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step down

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    Two 110 volts devices connected to 220 volt source in Series.

    I have two 'moderately' expensive devices operating on 110 volts, I bought one step down adapter for one. But When I received another device operating on 110 volt, I just wondered if I could connect both these devices "in series" to a 220 volt line. What will happen if I do so ? The devices I...
  2. Y

    Need to Order Onkyo 709 but need help 1st.

    Hi.. I am planning to get the Onkyo 709 from amazon.com thru one of my frnd.... but while browsing across d forum....... I came across this thread http://www.hifivision.com/surround-amplifiers-receivers/18607-onkyo-nr709-step-down-issue-2.html prasannas had issues with 'not powering up'...
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    Automatic vs Isolated step down

    Dear Friends, I was looking for a 1KV step down for my Onkyo 608 AVR ( US version ) and tried to look at various threads on same on HFV and and a couple more sites and learnt that : There are mainly two type of step downs that are available in the market which can used with AVRs or other...