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stereo amp

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  1. N

    need help selecting a budget stereo amp to power q acoustics 3050i (a case of financial impropriety)

    with a budget of 30k in mind was lured by myself into buying speakers costing more than twice that (the various sales man helped me in this regard). now would really appreciate any help i can get in getting a budget stereo amp/ receiver that can power them. i would be using them only for music...
  2. dipdawiz

    What options for book shelf, subwoofer and stereo apms

    Hello Experts, I need suggestions of reasonably priced bookshelf speaker (read below 30K a pair for a room 11x10x9ft), a reasonably priced subwoofer (same below 30K) and a stereo amp (no idea about the price, but should be VFM and comparable to other two). Need suggestions in details, long time...
  3. Vivek Batra

    Advice on Pre Power Amps with Klipsch RP -8000F

    Hi I recently bought Denon x4500H with Klipsch RP-8000F and R-115 SW Subwoofer mainly for 2 channel application. I know most of the people here would disagree with this choice so is myself. I am not very happy with the sound of the system over all. My observation from the system is as below...
  4. A

    Denon Ultra high current push pull design stereo integrated amplifier

    Listing up my Denon Pma 1500 RII . This is a rare High current gem of an amp from Denon japan division.(made in japan) Very conservatively rated at 70watt rms @ 8 ohms. and 140 @ 4 ohms. Actual measured power is 100 watt rms @ 8 ohms. Its a ultra high current MOS push pull amplifier. For those...
  5. sumanhomroy

    For Sale NAD C370 amplifier featuring 4 speaker outputs

    Description: Remote-controlled integrated amplifier with seven line-level inputs (including two tape in/record out); preamp out/main in, and a second preamp out with up to 12dB attenuation; NAD Link; Soft Clipping and Bridging switches. Output power: 120Wpc (20.8dBW), continuous average power...
  6. S

    Suggestions for Stereo Amplifier

    Hi All, I am planning to setup a music system at my place. My use would be 70-80% music and 20-30% movies. I have auditioned a few speakers like Dali, Monitor Audio, Wharefedale etc. which were available in Delhi NCR and the quality of Dali Zensor 3 is something which suited the best to...
  7. forever.pramod

    DAC+AVR or Stereo Amplifier

    After a short break, I am planning for some add-on to my current HT setup for stereo listening. I am extremely happy with my Zensor 7 + Denon X 2000 + PCH-A410 for movies, but in stereo listening dept it never make me pleased. So, can anyone please suggest me, should I buy a separate DAC and...
  8. kane

    How to connect -AVR-Stereo Integrated

    Hi, I have a Marrantz SR 6006 that is connected to a Paradigm Floor standers and a polk audio 550WI subwoofer and a center channel Speaker from yamaha I recently purchased a Marantz PM 6006 and connected the Pardigm's to them.They sounded fuller and clearer. I was wondering how do i...
  9. MaSh

    For Sale Pioneer 50Watts Stereo Amplifier

    Hi, For the Vintage Lovers, here is a Pioneer SA730 Stereo Amplifier in great condition. I would prefer the buyer coming home and auditioning the amp and deciding for himself, rather than me typing paragraphs about this amp. Below are two links, one a youtube link showing this amp and its...
  10. anirban420

    Restoration of HMV STEREO 666 (1976)

    Way back in 1976, my father was then 21 years old boy. He owned a HMV STEREO 666 that time. HMV and PHILIPS record players were dominating the market that time. Mostly the budget players were highest selling. HMV STEREO 666 was also a budget player of that time. Its price was Rs. 1768/- only...
  11. MaSh

    Wanted Budget Integrated Stereo Amp

    Hi, I am looking for a budget 'Used' Stereo amplifier which I can connect to the Pre-Outs of my receiver to drive the Front Speakers. Would like the amplifier to be pumping out over 80 Watts per channel at 6 ohms. Not looking for an absolutely brand new stuff, however not vintage...
  12. A

    Wanter Stereo amplifier and speakers

    I'm looking for good stereo amplifier and matched speakers for a small setup to listen music
  13. noblejose

    Marantz PM6005 vs PM6004 +DAC Magic

    Hello all, I'm in-between Marantz PM6005 and PM6004; the first one has an inbuilt DAC with optical and coax inputs. The price I'm getting for PM6004 is very attractive (its around 22K) The newer PM6005 mrp is around 44K, may get it around 40K after some discount. I need a DAC too (Blu-ray...
  14. I

    Building My First Stereo System.. Help!

    Hi, I have been following this forum for quite a long time now since i decided to upgrade from my humble headphone(Senn HD203) and ipad combo to a home theatre system. Being an engineering student has really helped me in catching up with all the technological terms but i must confess when it...
  15. forever.pramod

    Stereo amp for Zensor 7

    While browsing in Dali's site, just saw their recommendation or suggestion of Denon PMA-1510AE for pairing with Zensor 7. Was a just quick question in my mind - why Denon stereo amps are not that much popular (like Marantz, Arcam, YAMAHA etc) Can someone please suggest which will be a good...
  16. Fillmore

    For Sale By Owner : Sonodyne SA 8000 Stereo Amp

    Sonodyne SA 8000 Stereo amp for sale. 100w RMS Price : 5k Pickup : Bangalore, JP Nagar. Amp is in good working condition. Ps: Mods, I posted a similar thread a few min back without the stickers attached. So re-posting now , kindly delete the prev thread as I dont have...
  17. nmursekar

    setting up 2 Chanel stereo system. please advice.

    Hi. I am new on this forum. I had been following various posts since last year. I am currently setting up my 2 chanel system for audiophiling. This would be my 2nd setup. Fot HT setup i am having: pioneer vsx 1020k, lg bluray player, wdtv live hub 1tb media player, yamaha ns8390 floorstands...
  18. S

    KEF Q500 and what Stereo Amp ???

    Hi Experts, I have setup Denon 2113 AV Receiver with KEF Q500 speakers, Polk Sub DSW 550. This would be for the movies. I have Bi-Amped the Front speakers. For the Music, I am looking to add a stereo Amp for Music listening. Please suggest THE BEST Stereo Amp choices less than 40K...
  19. S

    Connecting mp3 player to headphone amp to stereo amp

    1. I have a topping tp30 amplifier connected to Dayton b652 speakers. When I connect CD player to the amplifier the sound quality is amazing. However, when I connect mp3 player (Sansa clip zip) the sound quality is very poor and even if I turn on the full volume it does not as good as when when...
  20. Flash

    Stereo Amp for B&W 685

    My Partner is heading to HongKong on the 9th for 5 days. I have asked him to pick up a Stereo Amp for me My Question is Which Stereo Amp would pair well with the B&W 685. ? This would basically be a blind purchase as I will not be able to audition the amps I am contemplating Marantz...