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stereo amplifier

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  1. A

    Wanted Vintage Sansui\Pioneer\Toshiba Receiver- Stereo \Qudraphonic

    Hi, I am Looking for Vintage Sansui\Pioneer\Toshiba Stereo\ Qudraphonic Receiver.I have JBL Speakers and found to be good pair with Vintage receivers ,hence like to stick to the same matching. My Budget is 10-15K and 40+ Watts per channel is what am looking at. Decent price and condition should...
  2. swamytk

    How to effectively wire Yamaha YST-315 Sub to PM5005 Stereo Amplifier

    I have PM5005 Stereo amplifier connected to a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers at front. Now I have ordered a Yamaha Sub YST-315. PM5005 has two sets of Stereo speaker terminal where I use one set only (A). I don't use the other set of terminals (B). Amp can select either one set of...
  3. M

    Which stereo amplifier to buy

    I am current using warfadale 10.6 tower speaker with Dali sub 12 with Marantz SR 5008. However I am not very happy with the performance and looking to replace amplifier. I use it 80% for music and hence wants to have better amplifier. I am also open to preamp+power amp or integrated amplifier...
  4. cybervinay

    For Sale Amphion Amp500 Class D, 2x 500-watt-per-channel Stereo Amplifier with virtually no distortion

    Up for sale is 500 Watt Class D Amplifier, Amp500 from Amphion This is over an year old, purchased from local India distributor and I got this to power woofers in active speaker configuration. I have now got SVS amplifier and would not be using it in near future. Condition is 10/10 hardly used...
  5. R

    SOLD Marantz PM7005 for Sale with Box, Bill and Accessories

    Hello everyone, I am selling away my Marantz PM7005 as I am upgrading to Marantz SR6013. Purchased from Hi-Fi Mart with Receipt. Price expected - Rs. 40000 Ownership history - First Working & cosmetic condition - 10/10 No dents and scratches at all. No service history. Age 2.3 years - Not used...
  6. ravikumar-rotel

    ultra high current amp

    Can someone explain the difference between a ultra high current/high current amp and a normal amp. Thanks
  7. reachkalyan.kr

    SOLD DNM Stereo amplifier A - 6060 B -Sale withdrawn

    For sale. Dropped my plan .Will be keeping with me.Mods can close the thread Looking for immediate sale .Slightly negotiable DNM Stereo amplifier A - 6060 B( changed front appearance with Sony ) Purchased price 16k bill available ( 10/10/2018 ) without blue tooth dongle. Reason for sale -...
  8. vinaymoturi

    For Sale For Sale YBA YA201 Integrated amplifier

    Hello Friends, I’m selling my YBA YA201 Amplifier. All my items are carefully used and in mint condition and can be auditioned. Shipping at buyers risk and cost. YBA YA201 Integrated amplifier with remote Amp is in near mint condition and functionality is 10/10. Age - dont know bought used...
  9. K

    Wharfedale 220 or 210 - Which one to buy

    I am looking for suggestions to setup stereo for small room. small bedroom size = 10X12 feet Placement of the speakers = both corners Listening distance = 8 feet from speakers. Speakers : Wharfedale Diamond 220 or 210 . Not sure which one to choose for this room size. Planning to go with...
  10. ketanpote69

    For Sale Preowned Dual CV 1200 for sale.

    Dear FM's, I am putting on sale my collection of audio gear since now migrated or integrated into tube amplifier , dual CV 1200 is a excellent Germany tech probably few of last amps produced in Germany. This has a beautiful Karaoke option which kept me attached to this beauty. Amplifier is...
  11. D

    Budget stereo system

    I have been using computer speakers and Bluetooth speakers to listen music. Now I wanted to upgrade to a stereo music system. That's the reason I joined this forum. I have few doubts and need suggestions. 1. To my knowledge a stereo system needs a source ,stereo amplifier and bookshelf/floor...
  12. ketanpote69

    For Sale Leak audio st 70 (vintage solid state) integrated amplifier.

    This is an excellent SS amp from the world's best known amplifier manufacturer is simply bristling with exciting new features. It is a well-known UK brand by H. J. Leak & Co.Ltd. London, which allows you to listen to either 4 ohm or 15 ohm speakers. To start with there's the power output; a...
  13. R

    Need Help!!...For a Decent Stereo set up

    Hello All First of all i beg your pardon if it sounds funny to you for the description below but am not a tech guy :o Am from Bangalore. All these days i was using my creative 5.1 surrounds and i know the sound quality difference between 5.1 surrounds and stereos. Now I am planning to get...
  14. A

    Stereo sound from 5.1 Surround Sound

    Hi all, I am new to this, but as far as i know YAMAHA YHT-Series does a marvelous job for 5.1 surround sound for your home TV, but will anyone please tell me can these HTIB also work as stereo amplifier suitable for dialogues(Movies/Serials), Music and Movies (TV/USB)? If they can, than...
  15. S

    For Sale Topping TP22 Class T Digital Mini Amplifier 30WPC

    Hi, I have this amplifier for sale, it is a highly rated small profile stereo amplifier, packs a lot of power, I was driving two bookshelves with ease with this amp. I am the first owner and have had it for less than a year now. Overall condition 9/10. Asking 9000INR, shipping not included.
  16. cha_indian

    For Sale Bada Tube Integrated Amp

    I have my Bada DC222 tube integrated amp for sale in Chennai. It is hybrid amp with 95W + 95W capability. It has 4 x 12AU7 tubes and it is built like a tank. Weighs at around 20kg. -Bought in the year 2007. -cosmetic condition: 95% -Functional condition : 100%, Reason for sale...
  17. M

    Dual zone 2 channel stereo sound setup

    Hi, I am not sure how to put this across and am hoping you guys can guide me in the right direction. My living room and bar are connected to each other with a double sliding door. I use the bar more often to entertain guests but for large parties I use both the living room and bar. I am...
  18. Bloom@83

    First Hi-end audio setup-Suggestions Requested

    Hello This is my first post in this wonderful community.Although I became a member today,I have been referencing the forum quite a lot for the past few days for getting member reviews. Anyway,not to digress-I plan to get my first hi end audio gear -stereo setup- for only listening to...
  19. forever.pramod

    Stereo Setup for Music

    I do have a setup for HT : Denon X2000 and Dali Zensor 7 (5.1 setup). For listening Music I am interested for a stereo amplifier. I will use downloaded 320kbps MP3 files as source. So will it make any difference if I choose a stereo amp rather than listening the same from my AVR. My...
  20. F


    Hello Friends, I am bit confused with below 3 Head units to install in my Figo. I personally like Blaupunkt but don't know really how good quality it can produce? One of Friend suggested for JVC R900BT but its not available with any Dealers....I have installed few things in my car and they...