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stereo setup

Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. rsjaurr

    My first Stereo Audio System

    Hi I will go straight to listing my stuff as I rarely get this much time as I have today evening. I will go in chronological order based on date of buy. 1. Rega RP1 TT with performance pack along with Rega Phono mini and Nagaoka cartridge. TT is still in box ever since I bought it in July 18...
  2. H

    Bookshelf Speaker to pair with Marantz Amp??

    Hi forum members!!! I'm planning to purchase a pair of bookshelf speakers to go with Marantz PM 5005 amp (Their entry level amp - If there are any better amp in this price range (22K) please suggest!!). I had a demo of Polk Audio S20, which sounded great to me. I haven't been able to get a demo...
  3. G

    please Help

    Hello everyone. I am planning to buy a stereo setup with a budget of Rs 50000.I live in Hyderabad. I listen mostly Hindustani classical,Bollywood, Devotional music. I am thinking of buying Norge 1000 gold or Yamaha R- S201 . For speakers either Norge millennium or Wharfedale diamond...
  4. R

    Stereo setup within 50-60K

    It's time for a stereo setup, which I will use for listening mostly Bollywood 80-90 or new songs (Full of Drum, piano, guitar etc etc). Room size is 14 X 10. Can someone please suggest me to choose one. Now my queries are as follows : 1. If I choose a pair of bookshelf, will I get adequate bass...
  5. V

    Need solution for stereo amp n speakers with Internet radio

    Need a stereo setup for stereo amp with 2 towers or 2.1 speakers. Internet radio built in and DLNA would be required too. Any suggestions? Budget around 50k. Have to source the setup in Bangalore. Thanks.
  6. A

    Stereo Setup for 25K

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a stereo setup to use with my laptop and PS3. I will be sitting close to the speakers as i am using them with my laptop or my PS3-24"LCD setup. My max budget is 25K. I think near field monitors will suit me best as i will be sitting close. I listen to Bollywood and...
  7. D


    Hi, iam new to the forum. Lookin forward to putting together a hi fi stereo setup. Any help, inputs appreciated
  8. C

    New Music system 4 my Pa!

    Hi, I am kind of new to the Real HiFi music, so please forgive me 4 any assumptions I make. My papa wanted to have a home theater @ our house. But his main applications >60% is listening to music. rest is listening to DTH news reports and comedy shows. So I adviced him that a stereo...
  9. A

    budget or mid-range Stereo advise required

    Dear Friends, I'm from Hyderabad. I have decided to take a step into the hi-fi world and I want to get started by putting together a stereo setup for my living room. This is a really good forum. I have read several hundreds of posts at this site, and learnt a lot of things(and also got...
  10. manveer

    Help totally confused!!!!!!

    Currently I am listening to music on a Denon 29F turntable + Yamaha RX-457 Amplifier + Yamaha NS-555 speakers. Lately I have felt the need to upgrade and decided to start with the turntable as it would incur a high cost and is to be the only source. But then confusion set in. reasons for...
  11. K

    Stereo Setup for small room

    Hifi Members, I am new to this forum, I am interested to setup a Stereo for my bedroom which is smaller in size (10X12 ft). My musical interest is Folk-rock,Country,Rock,Jazz and Reggae. My budget is around 1 Lac.(More pref to quality). Main source is Sony Vaio E Series with Itunes...