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stereo speakers

  1. P

    Stereo speakers under 1.5 lakhs

    Need help to find a pair of stereo speakers under 1.5 lakhs. I have short listed a few but I'm open to other options. Only new. Tannoy xt6f Svs prime towers Corrson ms610 Wharfedale Jade 5 Kef r500
  2. taranfx

    For Sale Monitor Audio Silver RX 6

    Monitor Audio Silver series RX 6, 2.5 way Stereo speakers: 90db sensitivity, 125Watt RMS per channel Selling 1 year old Audiophile Stereo system. Condition: Like new. No scratches, kept very carefully. Almost like new with packings available. Faults: none. Perfect sound everytime. :ohyeah...

    For Sale Classic kef q50 floorstanding tower speakers

    Putting up my CLASSIC KEF Q50 FLOORSTANDING TOWER SPEAKERS - MADE IN ENGLAND for sale! Specification: Q50 System type: 2-way, floor standing Enclosure type: Reflex Dimensions (H x W x D): 800 x 190 x 301mm (31.5 x 7.5 x 11.85 inches) Weight: 11kg (24.3 lbs) Nominal impedance...
  4. K

    best bookshelves under 10k?

    Hi, Looking to buy a front ported bookshelf speakers under Rs. 10k. What would you guys recommend?
  5. denzong

    V V Urgent: Wahrf 9.5 vs Mission M34i vs anyother

    hi guys need a very very urgent help to choose between: (only want FS speakers) Wharf 9.5 @ 19999 Mission M34i @ 18000 Mission M35i @ 28000 primary use is for turntable to match my sansui au 717 amp also will use these for my iphone music docking rock listening mostly but will...