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Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. argho

    Request Advice - Speakers below Rs 1 lakh

    Dear All, Looking for some advice. The upgrade bug has hit me. Looking to upgrade my speakers in my living room stereo setup. Amp : Denon DRA800h Current Speakers : Wharfedale Daimond 230 FS , no sub Music taste : 60's - 70's Rock, Blues, Indian Classical...
  2. R

    New Stereo system - your opinion please

    Hi HiFiVision family. I am new here. I am in the process of making a new stereo system, capable of streaming, connecting with bluetooth and connecting with TV. My source will be mostly DVD or CD player other than bluetooth and wireless streaming sites My budget is around INR 100K and I want...
  3. G

    For Sale Cambridge Audio AM10 Integrated Amplifier

    Cambridge Audio AM10 Integrated Amplifier for sale. Mint condition with remote. No issues. Age around 1 and half yrs. No box. Shipping anywhere at buyers cost Selling price - 15k. Reason for selling - Moving to High end Amp
  4. M

    Hometheatre plus stereo at ~60k

    Hello eveeybody, Need some help with selecting a good Amp and speakers. Details below. Really appreciate your time. Space: I live in an apartment with a huge hall which can be dividend into 4 squares. I am going to be using one corner (square) of it as my home theatre space. Each square is a...
  5. reachkalyan.kr

    Streaming Device for Stereo

    Hi all, I am looking for streaming/Transport device which can stream from NAS ( with help of Android device - ) Basic requirements for dedicated stereo setup 1) NAS => PC ( controlled by Android apps)=> DAC=> IA/Poweramp/stereo amp/Receiver 2) Controlled by Bubble upnp /Plex similar Android...
  6. ravikumar-rotel

    ultra high current amp

    Can someone explain the difference between a ultra high current/high current amp and a normal amp. Thanks
  7. reachkalyan.kr

    SOLD DNM Stereo amplifier A - 6060 B -Sale withdrawn

    For sale. Dropped my plan .Will be keeping with me.Mods can close the thread Looking for immediate sale .Slightly negotiable DNM Stereo amplifier A - 6060 B( changed front appearance with Sony ) Purchased price 16k bill available ( 10/10/2018 ) without blue tooth dongle. Reason for sale -...
  8. V

    SOLD 50ST60 Plasma TV

    Moving abroad. Hence putting my entertainment equipment for sale. Item available for inspection and demo at Yerwada, Pune. Shipping at buyer's risk and cost. Panasonic 50ST60 Plasma TV. Original box available. Very rare Panasonic ST series plasma offering very deep blacks and a very natural...
  9. S

    Comparison with K-Array

    Hi, I am looking for something very discreet and very sleek speaker set (stereo) for my living room, something similar to K-Array Azimut for which i have already taken a demo . Kindly suggest if something is available as powerful as Azimut. Thanks Folks.
  10. anirudhchandrashekar

    Power Amplifier Help

    Hello all. I just got my hands on a nice pair of PSB Synchrony Ones. Unfortunately my Onkyo NR818 has only very little headroom to power these massive 4ohm speakers which need about 250-300wpc to sing. I have begun my hunt for a good power amp though. In the time being, can anyone in Bengaluru...
  11. S

    For Sale Norge 1000 gold with Mission 751 bookshelf

    I'm putting my Norge 1000 gold and Mission 751 bookshelf speakers for sale. Details mentioned as below and photos attached. Model : Norge 1000 gold + Mission 751 Location : Palani, Tamilnadu Price : 23k (negotiable) The price for this combo is very less for the value of this combo Reason for...
  12. V

    Klipsch R-14M vs Sony SSCS5

    Hello friends, Wanted to have your opinion about selecting between these 2 speakers: Klipsch R-14M https://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-R-14M-Reference-Bookshelf-Speakers/dp/B00MGQAH2M/ref=sr_1_18?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1543947455&sr=1-18&keywords=klipsch+speakers Sony SS CS5...
  13. tusharshukla1991

    Stereo setup in Denmark

    Hello All, I recently moved to denmark and thinking of setting up a stereo setup in my bedroom (as HT will be too much hustle) Anyway, the usage is more music (70:30) so i think stereo would be a way to go. I need quality n not loudness as I live in an apartment and don't want to disturb...
  14. haisaikat

    For Sale Cambridge Audio AZUR 650A Integrated Stereo Amplifier

    For sale is my Cambridge Audio stereo integrated amplifier AZUR 650A. It has served me very well since 2012 and still going strong although used sparingly. I am the second owner, purchased from another FM here named Robin Landanson from Tamilnadu which when he was selling was only 1 year old...
  15. D


    Need to buy a recliner...... Indian vs imported... Brand?Cost? Electric vs manual? Single vs three seater.
  16. Ghostrider

    Re: System for weekend home

    Hi, I am looking for music system for weekend home, i dont intend to place TV and hence it will be purely for music but not sure might later add TV So i need a nice Amp + Stereo speakers setup or some mini hifi kind of setup, would prefer portability to move in lawn or so but am sure will not...
  17. K

    Servicing an old stereo amplifier in Pune

    Hi, I would like to know if you could kindly suggest a good technician in PUNE who could repair an old Sansui stereo amplifier. It is like 20 years old and, while the speakers make some noise when connected, most of the tone controls including balance do not work. I guess I need someone...
  18. S

    Any Dynaudio Emit or DM owners here? OPINION

    Hi Friends, Just few queries before my friend and i make our decision on this. Amp, source suggestions, Other comparisons, Opinions. My past: i have had TSi200, RTiA3 & A5, Q300, PSB B6, DALI Z3 with Marantz, Denon, NAD amps.. now I AM REBUILDING MY STEREO:licklips: Anyone out here could you...
  19. U

    Best stereo speakers for Norge

    Hi, I own a Norge 2060. Looking to replace my old Sony speakers. Could you please recommend suitable / best stereo speakers which will match the amp. Are Norge speakers worth it? Was not very impressed with the infrastructure @ Norge while buying the amp.
  20. D

    Need help in building budget Jazz Stereo system for Rs.50,000 to Rs.60,000

    Hello HiFi'ers. I was active 3 months ago and i am back because I've been saving money using Recurring Deposit in my bank account, been saving 5000 per month for 6 months. I'm from Chennai, 22 years old and just finished my B.Tech. I was experimenting with my music tastes and found slow BPM...