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Mogami Cables
  1. M

    For Sale Mi Box 4K (Indian Warranty)

    Hi, I am selling my Mi Box 4K which is 99.99% brand new. It was used only for one hour. All original accessories included. Price - 2950 (No negotiations please. Please do not ask to include shipping charges in asking price). Local (Gurgaon) pick-up preferred for obvious reasons but I can...
  2. sydney

    For Sale Rega RP1 plus turntable

    [Price Reduction] Hi I'm putting some of my audio equipment up for sale. Details as below and photos attached. 1. Turntable with built-in phono stage + cork mat (bought from FM Rikhav) Model : Rega Planar 1 PLUS Location : Bangalore Price : Rs.35000 [28000] Reason for selling : Upgraded to...
  3. subhobh

    SOLD Yamaha BLUETOOTH wireless audio receiver with coaxial digital output.

    This has been sold. Moderator, please close the thread. Moderator Note: Please add better pictures with more clear image of the handwritten note I am offering my three years old little Yamaha YBA-11 BLUETOOTH wireless audio receiver. This is a fantastic product in the range of Bose...
  4. R

    SOLD iFi Audio - Zen Blue - HighRes Bluetooth streamer - Brand new

    Hello Friends, Up for sale is my Ifi Audio Zen blue , Highres Bluetooth streamer. Great Reviews all over says it all!! Purchased this in August end after getting curious to know about High resolution streaming thru Bluetooth. streamed via enabling LDAC codec (High Res codec as compared to...
  5. D

    Amp recommendations for Mission QX-2

    My brother-in-law happened to get Covid and is confined to his room right now. He’s a very social person so being confined to his room, boredom is killing him. He’s a borderline AV enthusiast but he’s never seriously thought about getting into the hobby. Being bored out of his mind, he was...
  6. amit11

    Audioengine B-FI streamer (not B1 bluetooth)

    Came across a wifi streamer from audioengine B-Fi. Seems to be a product released recently. This is not the bluetooth version. https://audioengineusa.com/product_tech_specs/b-fi-multiroom-music-streamer/ https://audioengineusa.com/shop/adapters/b-fi-multiroom-music-streamer/ Has airplay...
  7. Vivek Batra

    DAC cum Streamer or standalone DAC + Laptop

    Dear FMs I need your input on deciding on the following. I am looking for a dac to feed to Luxman 590 ax ii integrated amp. My initial choice was Luxman DAC as well.But I am giving it a thought again. I am not investing in a cd player at this moment so will be streaming or hi res files will be...
  8. cybervinay

    SOLD New Zappiti Duo (2019) 4K HDR Media Streaming Player

    I am selling this brand new Zappiti Duo 4K HDR Media Streaming Player which I bought from France during my recent visit in August. I have got the remote control upgraded to better premium remote control. Note that due to weight restriction on my flight, I have not carried the box and basic...
  9. A

    For Sale Brand NEW Android TV Box & Apple iPad 32gb WiFi plus Cellular

    Selling 2 products in brand new unused condition. 1) T6 Android TV Box 2GB Ram 16GB Storage This was an impulsive buy. Dont require it and is never been taken out of the box as well. No warranty on the product though but I assure its 100% brand new. If buyer wants I will plug it in, send...
  10. aurobindosaha

    See lyrics on Smart TV as I stream music to Pi

    Hi Is there a way I can see lyrics of a song as I stream music to (Raspberry PI) streamer? There is an app - MusicMatch which can use phone's microphone to listen to the song and show the Lyrics on Phone's screen. How can I show on TV instead? Seeking your expert advice. My Set...
  11. aurobindosaha

    Need help - Jio Music and BubbleUPNP

    Hello I like to stream Jio Music to my Raspberry Pi streamer. For streaming I generally use BubbleUPnP. With Google Music or Youtube I can select the song and click 'share' and choose BubbleUPnP and the song plays on streamer without any issues. But with Jio Music if I do the same I...
  12. aurobindosaha

    How Acoustic Portrait Swara Pi DAC/Streamer/Player works?

    Hi Many of you may havethe question - how Acoustic Portrait Swara Pi DAC works. Note that it is not only a DAC but also a music streamer/player pacakaged in the same box. Pleae go through the video linked below to know more https://youtu.be/ZaNYzKpQgkA Thanks Auro
  13. S

    Dap vs streamer vs cd player

    Hi, Thanks for taking a look. I have just started to dip into hifi and wanted some suggestions on a good source I currently have mp3 of random quality I have from college times. Iam in the process of procuring speakers and already have an amplifier I would be mostly playing digital files. I...
  14. P

    Ac Ryan POHD2 or WD TV Live (2011) ?

    Hello friends, After a lot of research and an abysmal experience with the new Amkette Evo TV XL, I am back to looking for a Streaming Media Player. I am chiefly want to do the following: 1. Play Movies / TV Shows from a hard drive 2. DLNA or AirPlay 3. 3D is not important The NAS and...