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streaming music

AV Cables
  1. smot2228

    In pursuit of sweet sound

    Hi respected members, I write my first post in the forum after so much of fond reading of posts by the huge audio video enthusiasts and gurus. My name is sandeep from mumbai and am contacting few of you through this post to share my query and quickly check if you could advise me a solution...
  2. S

    Youtube and Universal are remastering old classics

    This, I feel is a good move in the right direction from YouTube to restore the classics. I hope they do something to improve their 192kbps audio stream. https://youtube.googleblog.com/2019/06/youtube-music-and-universal-music-group.html
  3. S

    Mood based surveillance - Spotify

    This article didn't come as a surprise, but it is a troubling fact that music as an art form is slowly degrading. With modern music, music as an art form has been reduced to a commodity and now with streaming services based on big data the commodity is the user's listening pattern. Hmmm...
  4. S

    Rdio has started services in India

    For all those guys who are still waiting for spotify services in India, its competitor rdio has started its services in India There is an option for 320kbps if you upgrade to premium plans which also starts from 60 Rs/month. Try it out guys.
  5. B

    Home networking - loss less vs. 128K

    Proposing to stream music from my Mac to the home theatre. Two questions please - a) Is it better to rip my music in 'loss less' format vs. lower bit rate (such as 128k)? b) In this setup, does the music streaming over WiFi at the bitrate at which it has been ripped, or is at standard bitrate?
  6. C

    Best system for streaming music and playing CDs for around $1200

    Hi. I just joined HiFiVision and this is, in fact, my first post. I am looking to build a low budget computer audio system and I would really appreciate any help that I can get. My main source of listening to music is music streaming services like Pandora or MOG. I also listen to CDs and am...
  7. S

    Wanted Music server / network audio player

    Dear members, I am starting to hunt for a network audio player, no specific brands in mind but would like to be in the league of CA stream magic 6. To start with, mu budget is 30 k, but can stretch for a good deal. I do have a good Dac, hence one with digital out is required. Anyone...
  8. Z

    How to stream audio wirelessly to my stereo amplifier

    Hello I have lots of music in the form of mp3 files either downloaded or borrowed from friends. Some of these music files I have burnt on a blank CD & playing using my DVD player. Unfortunately the DVD player does not have a USB port to connect a pen drive. Is there a solution ( Hardware or...