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Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. SachinChavan

    My Surprising Choice of Streaming Service

    Hi guys, like all of you I have been pandered by a plethora of streaming apps/services. After a longish stint with Tidal I was finally getting upset with its sound quality (the resolution notwithstanding), boring interface and relatively unintelligent music prediction. So, over the last two...
  2. SachinChavan

    Your Favourite Internet Radio Stations

    So the world of personal music listening has come a long way in the past four decades - from vinyl and cassettes to CDs to streamed music. But there’s been one constant platform amidst all this - the radio! But is it? Even the radio has morphed into numerous forms - from the old MW/SW to...
  3. Holmes

    Streaming services supported in LG webOS TV?

    Hello, Can anyone with LG smart tv provide me a list of Indian video/audio streaming services supported on LG webOS Smart TV ?. I could find Netflix,Amazon Prime Video,YouTube screenshots in the LG site. Which other services are supported?. (Like Hotstar,Saavn etc)
  4. ratheesh

    Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote launched in India

    Amazon Fire TV Stick is a tiny stick you connect to your HDTV and start streaming movies, TV shows and songs from Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, Gaana and many more services. Subscription fees may apply. Easy to setup and use: Pre-registered to your Amazon account so you can just plug it...
  5. ratheesh

    Google Play Music All Access Subscription launched in India

    Google has introduced the Play Music subscription in India back in September last year, where you can upload songs from your local library and purchase songs separately, but today the company has launched the All Access subscription with unlimited song download and streaming of songs. Google...
  6. S

    Rdio closing down! What are the next options?

    Since rdio has been acquired by Pandora, it is closing down this month. It was serving me well till now. Now, the question is what are the other options in India(No spotify as VPN won't work in office). Any comparisons between those services would be helpful. Saavn and gaana are the most...
  7. N

    Best Streamer for Offline Media

    Hi ! I'd like to buy a Streaming Dongle for My TV, and the sole purpose is to stream Offline media from my Laptop. I tried online reviews but got even more confused. Can somebody help me out ? I've looked into options like Teewe , Teewe 2 Chromecast Plantronics Pandora EzCast Nothing...
  8. ShutterX

    Best online music streaming service in india?

    What do you think is the best high quality music streaming service in India? There are some lovely streaming services like tidal.com which do not work here. I havent been able to find any that seem to operate here Including Google Music. iTunes is very commercial and focus more on diversity than...
  9. M

    Wireless 1080p streaming with Asus RT-AC66U Router

    Hi, I mentioned in one of the other thread that I was looking at streaming 1080p movies (Blu ray folder structure and ISO) through wireless. The Problem for me is that I don't have CAT6 cable in my flat and all this while my unRaid server (antec 902) was in the living room where I keep my...
  10. S

    Media Player Cambridge NP30 - few fundamental questions

    1. How is NP30 different, better (more), worse (less) than streamers like Apple TV and Roku 2XS? Is there a case to buy both categories? 2. I am buying an AVR, most probably Denon 1912 or 2312. Does it obviate the need of a media player like NP30? 3. If I buy a NP30 and connect to my Denon...
  11. C

    Planning to purchase Xtreamer Prodigy...Any thoughts?

    While surfing here and avs, i found some views about Xtreamer Prodigy Announcement! I'm thinking to purchase it as they'll ship to india for 35 euros only. Total comes to 185 euros. Any thoughts, I should purchase this or something else ?
  12. Tracer29

    Roku streaming in india

    Hi, I have been fiddling for the past few weeks to be able to stream roku using ddwrt config for my cisco router along with a VPN connection and its been a week on pilot and i had been able to stream netflix and hulu plus like a charm with some initial bandwidth issues.Had my broadband...
  13. M

    QED - uPlay

    Dear @LL... QED brings you its very new product "uPlay"... uPlay is a Bluetooth Streaming Device, that connects your Bluetooth Source (Mobile, Laptop, iPod Touch, etc.) to your Amplifier / Reciever, Speakers, etc... It incorporates the apt-x technology, that allows you to stream...
  14. K

    Need some help...setting up a new home entertainment system

    Hi everyone... am new to this forum here...hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right direction. Basically I want to create a new home entertainment system...and i need your advise on two things. 1. What speakers/amps should I be looking at? I have tried to go through a lot of...
  15. W

    Iomega Screenplay Director Owner Thread

    Well, I finally got it. In spite of some people not recommending it here, in spite of people reporting bad experiences on some international forums, and in spite of it not being one of the popular media streamers worldwide (as evidenced by the general lack of information on the www about it.)...