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studio monitors

  1. P

    What happened to Sonodyne?

    Five years back I happened to hear of this brand through the reviews of their acclaimed SM100AK monitors. Shortly after, i had a chance to hear and test out the newer Sonodyne SRP 400 studio monitor(costing around Rs. 50k for a pair) and it literally blew everything else out of the park , even...
  2. S

    Optimum way To Setup My lsr 305 in my cornered desk? Need Help!!!

    Hi, just got a pair of lsr 305 monitors a week back and have set them up in my bed room, Now the problem is that my desk is placed in the corner which is covered by 3 sides.. here is the pic - https://ibb.co/c6HsKJ I don’t know why, but my monitors are sounding muddy and basy and lacking...
  3. H

    For Sale Spendor S3/5se Speaker

    I would like to sell my well maintained Spendor S3/5se Speaker.It wont need any introduction its a masterpiece small audio monitors.I am second owner and used it for almost 1.5 years.Now I dont have much time for music lisening so just adding in for sale thread.Dont have orginal box lost from...
  4. S

    Studio monitor or hifi which is better for personal music at home ?

    I am confused that should I buy active studio monitors or tower speaker with stereo amp. I need it for just listening music. I donot do any kind of mixing. I saw Tannoy reveal 802 studio monitors are cheap and comparable to buying bookshelf and amp. Please help in making my decision.
  5. J

    For Sale PreSonus Eris E8 active studio monitors

    Up for sale are my Presonus Eris E8 active studio monitors. These are about a year old. Picked them up locally from Reynold's. Been using them as my main speakers. The speakers have 8" woofers and 140w of amplification per speaker (75w for the woofer, 65w for the tweeter). They have balanced and...
  6. A

    Soundbar (JBL SB 100) Suggestion

    I am thinking on buying JBL SB100 It has subwoofer out, which i am planning to use yamaha sw012 Total Costing 16000/- Is it a good buy or any better suggestion than above setup
  7. varunjh

    For Sale Edirol MA-15D Desktop Monitors

    Hi, I'm selling my 2 year old Edirol MA-15D Desktop Monitors. Have been lying unused for the last year since I upgraded to my current Topping tp20 + CA S30 setup. Had planned on using them with my TV and PS3 but didnt really happen. Tech Specs Speaker Units: 10 cm (3-15/16") Woofer...