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Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. S

    SOLD Rel T/9i

    For sale is a REL T/9i. I had purchased this from well known dealer in Blr just before the lockdown and its usage is well within 50hrs. Little concern with the house owner so packed it and kept it aside for more than 6 months. I was planning to move to a new place but now that the plan is on...
  2. sydney

    Adding an External sub-woofer to Bluetooth stereo speakers

    Hi Was thinking of adding an unused car sub-woofer to a pair of Bluetooth stereo speakers (2nd bedroom setup). Is this possible if I add an external desktop amp (with sub output); however the amp would have separate outputs for each channel and the Bluetooth speakers have one input for 3.5mm...
  3. S

    Looking for Subwoofer

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to buy subwoofer for my setup .I currently have 2 Floor Standing speakers(Airmotiv T1) which sounds good but don't deliver much bass.My budget is around 50k and I have narrowed it down to SVS PB-1000.I am confused with 10 inch or 12 inch.Which driver will suit my...
  4. Vijay_s

    Wanted Sub-woofer SVS, B&W, REl etc

    As part of replacing entire HT system, I have replaced my front speakers and now looking for sub-woofer from following brands. SVS B & W REL etc I already used different models of wharfadale, Polk and Velodyne hence looking for brands that never used before. Bangalore local pickup...
  5. MaSh

    For Sale Polk Audio Bookshelf and Wharfedale Sub

    Hi, I am putting up my beloved Polk Audio Monitor 30 bookshelf speakers and the amazing Wharfedale SW150 Subwoofer. 1. Polk Audio Monitor 30: Rs. 11,000/- These are about 2 years old and in excellent condition. Below are some of its specs Color: Black Pair of bookshelf 2-way...
  6. A

    Like speaker matching with AVR, subwoofer matching as well ?

    Hello, When we buy home theater system (separate Amp and speakers) it is very-much essential to match right impedance speaker with amp. Like that do we need to match Power Sub-woofer as well? Or it is not required because the sub-woofer has built-in amplifier. What other factor to see...
  7. V

    Wanted Powered Subwoofer 200W - Used

    Hi, looking for a powered sub woofer (max 200W) for my set up. Looking specifically at the used market. Budget - Rs. 12,000.
  8. V

    Best bang for the buck subwoofer for around 10k?

    Hi, I'm looking for the best available subwoofer in India for around Rs.10K. I know the choices are limited, but due to budget constraints, I have to settle for the average ones. I have found a few from Pioneer and Yamaha. The Pioneer one below looks good for the money. Spec wise it's the...
  9. prepress

    Subwoofer Needed

    Hi All, I need a active subwoofer (above 250-300W, Prefer branded-JBL, Onkyo or any good brand suggession) for my room size 10' X 12'. Let me know if anybody wants to sell his/her.
  10. J

    Upgrading a passive sub woofer with active sub woofer

    Hello Guys I have a Kenwood KRF-5550D 5.1 home theater system (purchased in Australia 4 years back). It has a passive sub woofer and does not have a sub woofer pre out on the receiver. I want to upgrade the speakers and sub woofer but retain the receiver. The speakers I have shortlisted are ...