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subwoofer build

  1. saikatbiswas82

    Where to get Peerless drivers

    Hi All, I've checked diyaudiocart and could not find any stock for good subwoofer and midbass drivers from Peerless. Does anyone have any information on how to get them? Any pointer will be helpful. Thanks, Saikat
  2. S

    Help Required to Convert Yamaha NSP40 Sub to Active

    Hi Friends, My polk SUB PSW125 has fried due to power outrage in my area. Have given it to PROFX for fixing. The is still due to last 3 months. I am now running show without sub's. Can anyone help me with replacement part amplifier board for PSW125. Also any suggestions for converting my...
  3. S

    Need suggestion/reference docs for subwoofer build

    Hi Experts, I'm interested in building subwoofer of my own, can someone please suggest/share basic ideas, reference documents. one of my friend is a carpenter here so there would be no difficult in building the subwoofer box. Below are my requirements. ------------------------- 12" inch...
  4. bijinmb

    Dayton Ultimax 12" Sub-Woofer - Build

    Amigo, I was behind a Sub-Woofer build using Dayton Ultimax 12" driver for the past few weeks. Got time to complete that last week and its ready to take off now. The driver construction of Ultimax is quiet sturdy and build quality is very good. URL: Dayton Audio UM12-22 12" Ultimax DVC...
  5. W

    What sub to build for small TV room?

    New guy here, Show me the plans, parts, and where to get them and I can build it. Im clueless about all the technical jargonI just want a great sounding subwoofer for both movies and music that's suitable for my small basement room. I need plans for a proven design. If you can help...