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subwoofer spl low freq

Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. A

    Help needed for selecting a good 12 inch subwoofer for Marantz SR6007

    Hi Experts, I am a newbie in the Hi-Fi world. On an impulsive mood, I ordered one Marantz SR6007 from HifiMart (on 22nd Feb). Waiting for the same to arrive via overnite express (shipped on 24th, arrived @ Mumbai on 25th, Dispatched to Hyderabad on 1st May ???? Not sure when it is gonna reach...
  2. corElement

    Subwoofer survey

    So I was wonderring, Which do you guys prefer in a sub - given a perfect world scenario with no boom at under 40hz SPL / air pressure changes that sends that wave through you vibrating your clothing OR Tight low frequency reproduction that only your ears can hear you may also mention what sub...