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  1. C

    Best subwoofer drivers for DIY subwoofer build for home theater?

    i am thinking to build a single subwoofer(planning for 2nd one in future ) which dials down to around 17hz,since all subwoofers in India are way overpriced. could someone recommend best 12inch or 15inch subwoofer driver available in India? something similar to dayton ultimax 12.also want to...
  2. argho

    Query on connecting a sub to a stereo amp - MArantz PM7000N

    Hi All. I have a Marantz PM7000N amp connected to a pair of Dali Oberon 5s (had recently shared a pic). Have been thinking about adding a subwoofer to the setup. The Marantz has a subwoofer preout, and a setting for a low pass filter. The manual states : Subwoofer - Low Pass Filter Sets the...
  3. A

    Hello fellow Enthusiasts!

    Hey all! I'm in a dilemma. I purchased my Home Theater setup for the first time in 2018. After looking at all the options I had and keeping my budget in mind and auditioning at a local store, I landed on Dali Spektor 1's and a Yamaha HTR 3067 to start my journey. After a year or so, I got a...
  4. dipdawiz

    What options for book shelf, subwoofer and stereo apms

    Hello Experts, I need suggestions of reasonably priced bookshelf speaker (read below 30K a pair for a room 11x10x9ft), a reasonably priced subwoofer (same below 30K) and a stereo amp (no idea about the price, but should be VFM and comparable to other two). Need suggestions in details, long time...
  5. edjamesx

    SOLD Sonodyne 10" Powered SubWoofer [model : Roarr 1210] for Sale!

    Selling my 2 year old Sonodyne 10" Powered Sub woofer Model no : Sonodyne Roarr 1210 10" Powered sub woofer Woofer is in very good and perfect working condition , looks like a fresh and new piece , very well maintained. Mildly used one or two times a month for cinema viewing in my HT room...
  6. generalxxxstark

    SOLD SVS PB-3000 Subwoofer for sale

    For sale is an SVS PB-3000 bought and imported from USA in December 2019. (Find attached invoice) Condition : Unfortunately, while switching flights, the packages' top foam got displaced and caused some cosmetic damage on the front top (see attached). The damage is purely...
  7. A

    Neighbour friendly Subwoofer/ acoustics adjustments

    Hello All, After almost a decade of joining Hifivision forum I was able to get a proper Home theater setup. My setup is Marantz AVR with 7.1.4 setup in my apartment living room. This includes Subwoofer BIC Acoustic PL-200. Overall I like the sound of my setup for movies. But the problem is I am...
  8. saurabhpach

    SOLD Velodyne Impact 12 Subwoofer in great condition

    Hey fellow enthusiasts, saga of sale forced by wife continues. On the line now is my beloved VELODYNE IMPACT 12 subwoofer. It’s been a great sub for movies and music specially for a small to midsized room. Tight bass and reasonably fast to keep up in most challenging situations. I bought it...
  9. V

    SOLD REL T/9i

    For sale is a REL T/9i subwoofer in perfect condition. I bought it in August 2020, but not been in much use. It was intended for use with my new stereo speakers, but once i got the speakers i realised a sub is not needed. I have the box and accessories that came with it. Warranty and invoice...
  10. D

    Sonodyne now available on HPZ

    Just a heads up for people wondering where they can source sonodyne stuff. It was already available on Tata Cliq but another trusted site to consider. https://www.headphonezone.in/collections/sonodyne
  11. D

    REL 212/SX launched

    Just came across these. I believe they were launched very recently. Pure audio jewellery :eek:! I’ve seldom seen even tower speakers look this good at a similar price point. What really struck me is that as the vertical space above a subwoofer usually goes to naught, its more aesthetically...
  12. N

    Looking for a subwoofer to pair with Orb audio sattellites

    Hi, My Orb Super8 subwoofer blew up (after getting repaired twice) and now I am looking for a sub to pair with my orb 5.1 satellites which is hooked up to Marantz SR4012 receiver. The room size is around 16X12. My listening preferences are 50-50% movies and music. Budget around 25K. The Orb...
  13. S

    Finally a Dedicated Media Room

    Hello Guys, Its been 14 years since i got first interested in Home theater stuff. Finally for the first time i am able to setup a dedicated media room to enjoy movies, gaming etc. This is initial stage, so this could be a long thread in coming days. Want to share my journey with you all. So...
  14. A

    DENON service engineer

    Hi, I need to replace the monitor out jack on my AVR. Have got it checked by the DENON service centre but they were unable to fix it. I looking for any authentic service engineer In Pune who might be able to either fix the faulty jack or replace it. Also, looking for someone who can repair...
  15. S

    Subwoofer Recommendations 50k Budget

    I'm on the lookout to add a subwoofer to my HT setup (although pretty incomplete). I'm currently running some random brand front tower speakers along with 15 year old Yamaha RXV520 receiver. The receiver is due for an upgrade sometime in the future. My room dimensions are 12'x14' and the...
  16. A

    Need Help! SVS PB 1000 OR Polk Audio DSW 660wi OR HTS 12 OR BIC PL-200 ii

    My Current Setup: 5.0 Front: Wharfedale diamond 9.5 Floorstanding Speakers Rear: Wharfedale diamond 9.1 Bookshelf Center: Wharfedale Diamond 9.CS AV Receiver: Pioneer VSX-522 Before this, I had Logitech Z906, so quite a big jump for me personally as far as my budget goes. Now looking for a...
  17. V

    Wanted Sealed subwoofer for music upto 1L INR

    Looking for a high quality sealed subwoofer for stereo music to pair with my P3ESR. I am NOT looking for a HT sub that has 20hz rumble and stands out from the rest of the music. Looking for something like a high quality REL, JL Audio, at least Rhythmik, SVS SB series or similar sub that can...
  18. A

    Subwoofer Problem.. Cutting in and out

    Hello All, I have a problem with my 5.1 HT and am not understanding much as I do not understand the technicalities much.. Anyways my current setup is as follows: Yamaha HTR 3067 Amplifier Taga Harmony 606 SE 5.0 speaker set Taga Harmony TSW 120 ver. 2 Now coming to the problem. My subwoofer...
  19. V

    SOLD Wharfedale 10 inch subwoofer

    Selling a Wharfedale 10 inch subwoofer SW150. Works well for movies but quite good also for music. I used it only for music to add low end to a pair of bookshelves when listening at low volume at night. It is front firing which I prefer since I live in an apartment...
  20. Michelangalo

    Barter Home theatre systems and individual items.

    Creating this thread for people who are interested in used products exchange. I have many gadgets lying around which I barely used and know many people would be in the same situation. It will be awesome if we can barter these gadgets for home theatre equipments. Product can be new, open box or...