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  1. A

    Wanted Pre-Power Amplifier And Subwoofer

    Hi all. Looking for a good powerful German or American made Pre-power amp and also a subwoofer (12-15 inches). Planning to add these to my stereo setup. Budget is not a constraint. The only constraint is that it would be nice if I could audition them in Bengaluru or if you're a seller who's...
  2. M

    Shall I use AVRs and Subwoofer from Germany?

    Hello forum, my uncle is working in Germany and is coming to India later next month. Im planning to get some things like Subwoofer and AVR through him. First priority is Subwoofer [gonna pay for additional baggage]. Even with that cost, the total amount is way below what's here. My question is...
  3. M

    Need help : Active Speakers with Subwoofer

    Dear FMs, I have swans D1010-iv bookshelf speaker pair (2.0). I want to use it for movies and want to add a subwoofer to them. 1) Please let me know how to add a sub to active config. I am thinking of yamaha or taga sub (as I am told taga is better than polk) 2) I use them with my laptop via...
  4. hpdinesh

    Subwoofer for my untreated living room for both HT & Music

    Hello FMs, I am considering to buy a subwoofer for my untreated living room which will be used for all purpose (HT/Music/streaming). I don't have a dedicated setup for stereo and HT. It's a all in one :D Room dimension: 10ft (W) * 20ft (L) * 10ft (H). At one end, there is a walkway to another...
  5. Manoj Sivaraman

    Swift 2018 stock HU subwoofer upgrade

    Hi guys, This is Manoj Sivaraman back with another DIY project. So this basically applies for all cars hatchback cars. The stock speakers and HU was more than sufficient thought the unit lacks punchy bass and distorts due to bass being sent to all door speakers. We will do a basic upgrade under...
  6. D

    Good place for Car speakers and great installer guy

    I was at this birthday party at a banquet hall the other day and found gold. A street named as radio street, in karol bagh. Here there were plenty of shops selling car speakers and equipment, seat covers and other accessories and at very reasonable prices. i bumped into this guy named Hunny...
  7. Manoj Sivaraman

    Added to my collection HYEE Subwoofer

    Ritchy street is known for cheap components and here is what I found. Was in search of a 10" subwoofer capable of handling 250-300w RMS so went in for purchase. Was coming across normal DAINTY, Zipp, Award and some unbranded local stuff. Came across a dealer who has some heavy looking...
  8. A

    Help setting up a 5.1 surround system <1 lakh

    Hi, I'm new to hifivision. My knowledge of advanced audio setups are very limited. I need help setting up the best 5.1 surround system under 1 lakh. I like bass but it shouldn't compromise on the clarity. I'll be using this setup for both listening to music and watching movies in a 13x11 room in...
  9. S

    Help Required to Convert Yamaha NSP40 Sub to Active

    Hi Friends, My polk SUB PSW125 has fried due to power outrage in my area. Have given it to PROFX for fixing. The is still due to last 3 months. I am now running show without sub's. Can anyone help me with replacement part amplifier board for PSW125. Also any suggestions for converting my...
  10. E

    BIC America Speakers SubWoofers Owners Thread

    Hi Since we have a thread for almost all brands and products, did not find one for BIC America which has now become a recent craze for most....at least for me its 3 years since i am using this brand. This will help existing users to post their experience and challenges...also serves as a...
  11. A

    For Sale Yamaha NS P20 speakers and NS SW20 Active Sub

    Hi FM's Am selling perfectly working Yamaha NS P20 Speakers and Active Sub. Got these as part of YHT 2910 package which I bought in October 2016. Details as follows: Ownership: Am the first owner. Location: Kolkata Working Condition: 10/10. Product used for about 6 months only. Rest...
  12. N

    WTB Good Surrounds and subwoofer

    Need a good subwoofer and surround speakers, i m put up @ chennai please let me know if people are interested..
  13. heliumflight

    Why Every Man Needs Two Subs for Stereo

    H Guys, Trying to gain some knowledge about Subwoofer from you all. I have Nad Power Amp & Ar2ax speakers. I wanted to know if it is wise move to add a a pair of subs. In two minds, left part of my mind says that having single sub doesn`t make them stereo, stereo is a dedication of 2 separate...
  14. A

    Budget Sub Woofer

    Dear Friends, I am using Yamaha RXV-481 with BA A26 and very satisfied with the overall performance. Now I am looking to have a sub woofer in price range of Rs. 15000/-. Room size is 18x10 where I will be placing the sub. After reading and searching our forum, I found Taga TSW-90 and Polk...
  15. N

    Want to build a 12" active sub under 10 to 15K

    Hello All, I want to build a 12 inch active sub to use with Yamaha YHT196. (Budget is 10 to 15K) Excluding wooden cabinets. Can you give suggestions on the below options please... OPTION1: A plate amp kit to add to my existing passive sub from YHT196 OPTION2: A good amp kit, and 12"...
  16. S

    Subwoofer: front-firing or down-firing?

    I have a Polk DSW550 subwoofer and I'm wondering which would be better: putting in the front-firing position vs the downward-firing position? What would the perceivable difference be? EDIT: I have a concrete floor with tiles. Would a downward-firing subwoofer put me at a disadvantage?
  17. A

    For Sale Dali Sub K-14 F subwoofer

    Category: Subwoofer Brand: Dali Model: Dali Sub K-14 F Purchased on: 1st February 2017 MRP: Rs.1,05,000/- Selling Price: Rs.69,990/- Purchased from: an authorised Dali Dealer (as per the distributor's site Welcome to Audio One) Condition of the sub: as-good-as-new; not a...
  18. A

    Wanted Yamaha Subwoofer 6.5inch powered

    I need Yamaha Powered subwoofer 6.5 inch (one that comes with yht 299/1810/2910). if anyone up for selling reply to this
  19. B

    New sub help to add

    Hi first time poster... I am looking to add a sub to my speaker and amp setup I have currently, and hoping for advice on which to look into more. Im looking for a little extra boom at the lower end for my movies while not sacrificing quality while listening to my vinyls. My room is about...
  20. S

    Subwoofer Advice, Budget 22K

    Hi All, I am looking forward to add an additional subwoofer to my Onkyo TX SR313 AV Receiver. Although it has only one pre-out, I have opted to use Y splitter cable (Male to Female) to connect dual subwoofer to my receiver. I already own Onkyo HT528B Speaker package with subwoofer (SKW...