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suggestion needed

Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. vaibhav007

    Best 5.1 HTIB system package under ₹50,000 (strict budget)

    hello fellow forum members. kindly suggest me the options i am having under the budget. I am aware the budget is just not good enough still i hope it will be something. the reason I am buying HTIB is that i just don't have enough time to invest and also patience to buy few parts now and rest...
  2. P

    65 Inch TV Suggestion Needed

    I went to different stores and checked the picture quality of brands like Sony, LG and Samsung. While all of them have great picture quality playing 4K content, when it comes to upscaling FHD and SD content, I found LG and Samsung doing worst. Since most of the content is still in FHD and below...
  3. eddie_fox

    Replacement speakers suggestions for Harbeth SHL5

    Hi all, Recommendations sought: I am currently the owner of the Harbeths SHL5, which I loved and enjoyed for a while now. I have paired them with Trigon Exxceed amplifier (Dual mono, 120W/170W per channel at 8/4 ohms). My sources are both vinyl and FLACs and my music taste ranges from western...
  4. krishnadeva

    Researching on a new TV, pls clarify these question

    Hi All, I got an Infocus 50" LED TV in Aug 2016 on Flipkart. Luckily bought Extended Warranty from Jeeves. After 11 months the TV was not switching on. The service Engg replaced the PCB after 10 days and the same issue occurred the next day. After lot of struggle with Infocus CC on...
  5. S

    I am in Singapore - Advice for CDP and CABLES

    Hi All, I am currently in Singapore have time till 2nd morning. Planning to buy Marantz CD6006 for 26k INR is it worth or any alternatives. also please suggest some RCA interconnects. how about QED performance or reference 40 OR Kimber Timber or PBJ My system Dynaudio Emit M20 with...
  6. A

    Need suggestions to buy a home theatre under 20K

    Hey folks, I am new to this forum and well this is my post or say "Help" post. I am looking to buy a home system for a room size of 15 X 15. The system would majorly be used for TV viewing (from set up box), movies and music in a ratio of approx. 50:25:25. I am not that tech savvy if...
  7. W

    Mitashi twr 200fur

    I was looking for good tower speakers in the range of 10k. Can someone guide if its a good choice. Want to listen good music from USB/FM/Phone. Any good alternatives would be welcome as would be using it in 20X16 size hall.
  8. A

    Speakers Suggestions for complete noob.. help me!!

    Hi all, I want to setup a good sound system for my room, so while searching bose v35 , i read that other manufacturer speakers are also good. So i want to know all the suggestions from you guys. My budget is 1.5L. Mostly(80%) for home audio , rarely for video, gaming. So far i've heard names...
  9. R

    New Home Theater system Advice/Suggestion needed

    Hello Friends, I am looking for a HT system for my drawing room badly confused after reading lots of stuff from various sites and forums. I live in Pune, India and would like to know some good combinations. I see various combinations from people in their signatures. I am not very familiar...