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  1. N

    Blue Ray - 3D Player [Suggestions]

    Greetings, I need to buy a BlueRay Disk Player (with 3D feature) & don't wanna spend too much. Reason to not to spend too much: a. I think Blue Ray Disks are a bit costly & will continue to be. b. I have a TATA Sky HD+ at home & that ways, I can always record the best of the movies. c. Because...
  2. rakheelavigne

    My New Home Theatre ---Suggestions Plzz

    Team, This is Rakesh from Hyderabad, and I'm completely new to this forum. However, I followed many of your suggestions and after a long research... here goes my first home theater which got configured two days back :yahoo: Amplifier: Marantz - SR6008 (from amazon.co.uk for GBP...
  3. G

    Suggestions for buying a new LED TV!

    Hi, Could any of you please give suggestions to buy a new LED TV: Purpose: 1. Watch Cable TV (Airtel)! (99% of the time!) 2. Stream movies from my Laptop (DLNA/equivalent) (1% of the time!) Budget: 2L Other Requirements: 1. Best of the best PQ. 2. Prefer Sony and as latest as...
  4. A

    Yet another 32" LED TV thread

    Hi guys & gals, I want to buy a 32" LED TV, and have liked the following from my research so far: Sony 32EX520 Samsung 32D5900 My budget is around 35-40K, and do not intend to spend a big amount on a TV, so, the budget will stay around the same level. Any suggestions will be really...
  5. T

    Setting up a new HT system around a borrowed Denon 2307

    Advice on which speakers to buy.. Hi Guys, Okay so from scratch my friend is letting me borrow his spare AVR while i do my studying. its a Denon 2307, which will serve my purpose well (till he takes it back and im back here trying to choose the best AVR - another day) i have been...
  6. S

    Suggestions Required - Receivers, Speakers, Setup

    Dear All, This is a very exciting forum, I was looking to buy an HTIB earlier but after reading a lot of posts on this site, I have decided to go ahead with building my own system and I can add on whenever I need to. I have gone through a lot of posts but havent been able progress much. I...
  7. Z

    HTIB Suggestion for 12 X 18 room

    Hi GURUs... This is my first post so pls bare with me.im building my new home, so I have decided to have support AV room with the size of 18 X 12 ft. Kindly suggest me that should I go for 7.1 system or 5.1. Which will be good for this room size ? My budget is 50 to 60 K for HTIB...
  8. G

    Q A's 1010i 5.1 package suggestions needed

    Hi, I am about to freeze on Q A's 1010i H.T package system. I would appreciate comments/reviews about these speakers. Also Suggestions on equivalent package is welcome. Music & Movies 50%. Receiver is Denon 1910 Also is it worth waiting for the Q A's 2000 series, since its launch is couple of...