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surge protector

Home Theatre Systems
  1. C

    Recommendations needed on surge protector power strip (10 Amp +)

    I have a 16 AMP plug socket made near my HT setup area since I was misinformed at the time of house construction and thought AV receivers always need one! Now that it has been done, I am trying to use a power strip (with surge protection) on that socket where i can plug in my TV and receiver...
  2. R

    Furman for Rs.10K - Is it worth?

    Hi all, I am getting an offer of about Rs.10K on FurmanSound.com - 220-240V International Home Theater Product - AC-210 A E Is it really worth the purchase? Thanks in advance
  3. Rupam

    Belkin Surge Protector Blown

    Hi, My Belkin Economy Series 4 Socket surge protector was blown yesterday. Partly it was my fault. I normally use all my equipment in surge protector and the surge protector mains cord is plugged in a wall socket. I don't put AV on inverter back up because my inverter is not powerful...
  4. A

    ***Urgent***Need advice on surge protector for LED TV

    Hi, I recently bought Samung LED TV 32EH5000. I moved into new house and connected it there in living room. Whenever I try to switch On/Off the fan, my TV's screen fluctates. This seems to be a serious issue of voltage fluctuation. I browsed through similar threads of this forum and found...
  5. A

    Urgent help on surge protectors

    Hi, My cheap 6 pin surge protector which costed me 200 bucks has melted and this time I want to go for a decent one like Belkin - preferably buy it online. I also have a UPS which hopefully will protect me from severe voltage fluctuations. Following is what I connect to my existing cheapo...