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surround sound

Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. matazooma

    Suggestion required for rear surrounds

    Dear FMs, I am looking for budget rear surround speakers for a 5.1 budget system which can be wall mounted. Budget is around 15k. Was looking at Polk owm3 and sonus 3540. Can you suggest some other ones within this budget with pros and cons? My current system includes Marantz nr1509, pioneer...
  2. A

    Soundbar - Yamaha YAS209, Samsung Q60T and Samsung HW T670 - Need help to decide

    Hi all, I am looking for a decent soundbar to connect with my Samsung 4k HDR tv. Requirement- 1. Crystal clear vocal for tv shows (Hotstar/Amazon Prime) and Tata sky HD channels 2. Loud surround sound with thumping bass for console gaming in PS4 Pro/PS5 3. Decent music listening experience...
  3. S

    Advice needed for surround speakers

    Current setup, 1. Two Front Monitor speakers https://www.monitoraudio.com/en/support/past-products/silver-rx/rx1/ 2. One centre speaker https://www.monitoraudio.com/en/support/past-products/silver-rx/rx-centre/ 3. One sub woofer from a freind 4. Having a denon 1911 amp Looking to add surround...
  4. HiFiManish

    Bluetooth for surround speakers

    Hi All, Need some advice on, following setup, if it would work: I’ll attach 2 Bluetooth transmitters to speaker terminal of AVR for surround sound speakers. And will pair them with Bluetooth speakers for each channel. So two transmitters separately paired with two Bluetooth speakers...
  5. I

    For Sale Bose 161 Bookshelf Speakers

    I have a Bose 161 bookshelf speakers that were imported from US. Condition: Never used. Original Wall Mounts with out box Reason for Sale: Thinking of a good stereo amp for now. These were bought for surrounds Item condition: 10/10 Expected Price: 12000 Recommended to demo it if you are in...
  6. S

    Home theatre setup, have a 49nch tv, Audio setup needed

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking for a home theatre system (audio), I have an LG 49 inch tv and apple tv. Usage - TV shows netflix/prime (daily), HD movies (weekends) and music (every now and then) My knowledge is really limited on home surround systems, as of now I've been thinking of the Bose...
  7. L

    Need Guidance: 5.0 speakers

    Hi, I am looking to buy 5 speakers (without sub woofer) for surround sound effect. Looking for decent speakers for around INR 25000 (tower speakers are not required). Kindly guide. P.S. - I have a Yamaha 581 AV & Yamaha 315 sub - woofer and am based out of Mumbai.
  8. A

    New connectors needed (Philips surround sound amp)

    Hi, Apologies for my first being an 'I need help' question! I need to purchase some (htib) connectors for my Philips surround system (Philips lx3600d). Can anyone help point me in the right direction to find these? Thanks, Andy
  9. A

    Stereo sound from 5.1 Surround Sound

    Hi all, I am new to this, but as far as i know YAMAHA YHT-Series does a marvelous job for 5.1 surround sound for your home TV, but will anyone please tell me can these HTIB also work as stereo amplifier suitable for dialogues(Movies/Serials), Music and Movies (TV/USB)? If they can, than...
  10. R

    compare 7.1 polk tsx with7.1 jbl studio

    Hello All, I am planning to get home theater system and my dealer initially gave a quote for polk tsx. Latter he said that JBL studio is much better than polk tsx and the reason he gave was drivers are uptodate. I don't know what that really meant. But I just want you all give some...
  11. R

    Need some comparision two home theater configurations

    Hi, I am planning to get home theater. My room size is 22ft(length) and width 14ft. I want to use it 95% for movies and watching tv shows. very very less music We went to a local dealer in May 2015 and he suggested us to go with below configuration: Here is the itemized bill: liberty...
  12. D

    Sound Tower / Speakers for LED 3D TV

    Folks, I am looking for some great surround/virtual surround speakers with deep bass which can solve my below needs 1. I should be able to plug them directly with my TV without any amp (The TV is in my master bedroom so I'm kinda trying to avoid too many wires and boxes). Two sound towers...
  13. W

    Specs say TV supports 5.1 but no digital output! How do I connect?

    I purchased a series 5 Samsung ua40j5100. On their website this Tv apparently supports Dolby and DTS 5.1. However there is no spdif or coax or hdmi arc out. It only has a mini jack audio out! How in the world can i get 5.1 out of this??? :sad: I even called customer care so many times but...
  14. M

    7.1 AV Receiver with HD Upgrader

    Hello all! Looking to buy a 7.1 AV Receiver with HD Video Upgrader. Right now considering to purchase the F&D F700UF. Now I need decide how to go about buying the receiver: the brand, how to evaluate tech specs, how much improvement I can expect for Vid upscaling and Audio management. My budget...
  15. A

    Need help in buying a home theatre / speaker system under Rs. 10,000

    Hi, I want to buy a speaker system to connect to my Samsung 5 series 32" LED TV (bought in December 2012). Primary purpose: Movies (surround sound) and Gaming - PS3 I have a max. budget 10,000 I have currently connected a 2.1 speaker system (Altec Lansing) but the performance is not...
  16. A

    5.1 Stereo Speakers

    Hello, I am Akhil Chopra from Mumbai. it could be great if guys can help me with my very small query. I have a 5.1 system with a DVD player. now as you all might know, 5.1 systems work with a dvd player with amplifier installed in it. i have that dvd player too. But what i need is...
  17. N

    Denon AVR-2803 (HELP NEEDED)

    Hello Everyone, I'm a complete Noob at this and need a bit of help please. Ive had a surround sound system for a couple years now, I had a Sony DAV S800 the set up on this was really easy it was kinda just plug in and go. yesterday i changed out my amp to a Denon AVR-2803 to which i have...
  18. S

    Not getting surround on my recently purchased Denon 1311. Please help!!!

    Hi all, I have purchased a Denon AVR 1311 with Polkaudio RM6750. I have connected TV's audio out (optical) to the AVR. Now, when I play HD (720p or 1080p) videos (music or movies), I am not getting surround sound effect at all! Is it because of the optical cable (that it does support surround)...
  19. V

    RCA(White and Red Cable) to 5.1 cable converter

    Hello All, I have purchased a Tata Sky HD and I want to connect it to my 5.1 surround sond which has no coaxil etc.....It is A DVD Home Theatre System and it only has a RCA Auxilairy Port.....but it supports 5.1 surround sound....I was wondering as RCA is only Left and Right Speakers and the...