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surround speakers

  1. Jeanpher

    Wanted Surround/Rear Speaker Bipole/Dipole

    Hello All, I am looking for surround speaker, please pm me if anyone has one for sale. Regards Jeanpher
  2. V

    New 7 channel speaker build

    Hello Everyone, Sharing initial photos for a 7 channel speaker build that's currently underway for a customer. The photos are of the floorstander (2 of these) and Surround/Center (5 of these). The cabinets now have been lined with damping material, though I did not get a chance to grab the...
  3. S

    Looking for Tannoy VR surround speakers in Bnglr

    Hi, I am looking for Tannoy VR Surround speakers in Bangalore to complete my setup. Preferably in Dark Walnut colour. Please PM me if any forum members are planning to sale / Open to explore other city options as well.
  4. V

    For Sale Paradigm CT70 - 5.1 Home theater speaker Package

    For Sale - A well maintained Paradigm CT70 package - suitable for small rooms. Age : 5 years Condition : 8/10 (only due to age - the speakers are in great condition) Voltage : 230V version - Purchased in India. Original packing : Not available. Price : Rs.23 K - Prefer Bangalore FMs...
  5. B

    For Sale Mission mht-ds 2-way reflex bi-pole speakers (Brand New Condition)

    Want to see Mission mht-ds 2-way reflex bi-pole speakers (Wall Mountable) which is in a brand new condition. Location: Bangalore Ownership: First Owner Age: New in Box (opened to test) Cosmetic Condition: 9/10 mint condition Working Conditon: 10/10 Warranty: NO Reason for sale: sold off...
  6. J

    Suggest for AV Receiver and Speakers

    I have a JBL DSC500. The DVD Player is faulty now but the Active Subwoofer & Satellite Speakers(5 X 35W RMS) is fine. I want to use the same and go for a good a/v receiver with woofer(maybe) & speakers. I want to have a comibination of 2 speakers in one room and complete suuround experience in...
  7. gap g j

    Speaker wire lenght for LS & RS

    Hi Usually I keep the length of LS & RS equal, but now I want to conceal hanging wires with flat PVC pipes. My room is 14 by 17 feet in size. And I have fitted the surround at 13 feet from the front wall leaving four feet behind. Since there is a cupboard between the left speaker and...
  8. gap g j

    Dipole/Bipole speakers

    Friends which setup will be good for surround speakers, kindly clarify For a 5.1 speakers setup which speaker will be best for surround speakers, whether BS speakers or Bipole/Dipole speakers. and For a 7.1 speaker setup is it best to use Bipole/Dipole speakers for surround and BS...
  9. gap g j

    Centre & Surround spkrs less than 10K

    Hi I havn't purchased a AV receiver, I have finalised to buy Onkyo SR606. I have Sony Hi-fi VCD system which is 90w+90w R.M.S. It's speakers are very fine, so I intend to keep it as my front Speaker and later upgrade this one for a FS. And I have a LG 6" down firing powered subwoofer. I...
  10. gap g j

    Speaker suggestion for Onkyo 606

    Hi I intend to buy SR606, I have very tight budget and I'm not able to buy speakers now. I have 3 way speaker which came with the Sony hifi system that we bought in Singapore, Which sounds very good, I intend to use this speaker for front and it has 8 ohms impedence. And I have a powered...