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  1. dipdawiz

    JBL Bar 3.1 soundbar review

    Last time I was looking for a soundbar it was 2012, almost gone for Harman Kardon SB26 but I got diverted while researching here and other AV forums; I bought Denon AVR and Polk Tsi400 series 5.1 speakers currently taking care of my audio requirement in home theater. This time I was again...
  2. Alfahath

    For Sale WHARFEDALE CRYSTAL 4C centre speaker and 4.1 surround bookshelf

    Reason for sale : Bought a ELAC on wall series package . which will be going behind my screen. Price: 35k INCLUDING the center and bookshelf speaker ,OR 20k for the centre speakers and 15k for the bookshelf seperately. i'm from chennai, Would prefer local pickup, but I can ship it too...
  3. N

    WTB Good Surrounds and subwoofer

    Need a good subwoofer and surround speakers, i m put up @ chennai please let me know if people are interested..
  4. V

    For Sale B&W Bowers & Wilkins DS6 dipole surround speakers

    Selling this pair of DS6 dipole surround speakers only because of overloaded with new gigs & extensive travel. This is the current line speakers & got a damage while bringing it from Pune. The housing is broken on a speaker & it doesn't affect the sound in any ways. I used this matching my...
  5. S

    Stuck with color options in Wharfedale Speakers

    I shortlisted following for my 5.1 system 1. One Pair Wharfedale Diamond 10.6 floorstanding speakers 2. Wharfedale Diamond 10.CS centre speaker 3. Wharfedale Diamond 10.DFS rear surround speakers 4. Wharfedale Diamond SW-150 Subwoofer In market I have checked everywhere only color that...
  6. A

    5.1 Surround does not work while playing through HDMI

    Devices TV - Samsung 3D HDTV UA40D6600WRXZN HT - Samsung-HT-D330K 5.1 DTH - SunDirect HD Setup The Home Theatre is connected to TV via Digital optical cable.(HT doesn't have HDMI, optical is the only option). Now the DTH is connected to TV via HDMI (ARC). TV has 4 HDMI ports and only...
  7. ShutterX

    Where to get Speaker Surround Foam?

    I have an old pair of Infinity SM-65s. The surround foams of the woofers have melted away due to age and decompsition. They still work fine so i wish to refoam them. Where can i get 6.5inch surround foam? And what kind of adhesive should i use? cheers
  8. S

    Surround sound mp3+ test sounds

    Hi I heard a music from Ghost in the shell in 5.1 surround and it was great.It was a .ac3 file ripped from blue ray. Are there multi channel mp3 songs available in a different format or name?I know the Blue ray sound track,but are they available for purchase only as song? I also have a 2.1...
  9. RMCWS

    Spearker cable for rear speaker

    I was using these Sony bs as fronts with my yamaha 373 for sometime. Recently I bought sonodyne bs and planning to shift these sony bs speakers to rear for the time being. Right now I am confused as to what cables should I add to the existing cable of this speakers in order to keep these...
  10. Y

    anything cmparable to Edifier s-550?

    Hi... I am looking for a 5.1 speaker. And so far i have fallen in love with the Edifier S550. But unfortunately, since that product is out of production, I want a 5.1 one system that i better or comparable to the S550. Please suggest!!
  11. P

    center and surround channel addition

    Hi friends , I have Marantz sr5005 with Wharfedale 9.5 standing left right channel. Planing to buy center and surround channel which goes great with this set up. Please suggest which wharfedale setup i should finalize. In center I found 10.cs good but seller recommending 9 series. For...
  12. P

    First Home Theater

    Hello all, This is my first time posting here at hifivision.com, but I have viewed threads in the past for information. I'm a newbie so if I accidentally break one of the rules let me know. I am in the planning stage of setting up my very first home theater. For the purpose of this thread...
  13. H

    Speaker Placement Help

    Hey Guys! Am back after long hiatus! .. Looking at buying the Q AV Flat panel speakers from Q Acoustics. Basically because Having Bookshelves sticking out of the walls and over our heads doesn't look like a nice prospect. Now coming to placement. Where do i place them? .. have done a...
  14. S

    HELP! Do I need to buy a HD DVD player for True 5.1 surround

    Dear all, I am a new member and want your expert advice. My set up consists of Samsung 40" LCD 40D550 Denon AVR 1311 Polk Audio RM6750 Speakers NO DVD/HD Player as of now The very reason I bought this specific Samsung TV is that it supports many video and audio format including Bluray...
  15. D

    Wanted Jamo surrounds/bookshelf speakers

    Looking to pick up a pair of Jamo Bookshelves to go with my Jamo S408 or E750; Hence any E/D/C/S series bookshelf/surround would do. I'm not really looking for BookShelf Hi Fi, Just looking for Surrounds that can complement the sonic signature of my Jamo Fronts. Jamo X series is a...
  16. S

    Magnum Dynalab ST-2 vertical omnidirectional FM antenna

    I have a Harmon Kardon AVR 335 for which I had paid Rs. 40,000. (Ouch!) The surround processor got damaged a year back and the amp was lying dead. I bought a Magnum Dynalab ST-2 vertical omnidirectional FM antenna after much researchand I got a wonderful surprise. The reception is perfect and...
  17. B

    Rear Sur Spkrs for 7.1 ch onkyo (506) + Jamo (S606 HCS3)

    folks, my config is as follows - onkyo 506 avr, 5ch S606 HCS3 from JAMO, SUB 300 from Jamo.. Now i realise that there is a lot of bass and less mid-range accoustics/instruments. Now i need 2 rear ch surround spkrs which have heavy tweeters or higher on wattage to enhance musicality and not...
  18. B

    Home Theater Capabilities....

    Hello, First up, let me say that I am very pleased to see such an active and high quality forum on AV, HT, HiFi. Salute all you frequent boarders. I have a Marantz SR 3001 AV Receiver with Boston Acoustics Home Theater Speakers and a Samsung 26" LCD TV. To this I have connected: a)...