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svs pb 2000

  1. S

    Hello everyone, Sasi from Chennai :)

    Hi everyone, I am glad that I came across this forum. I never realized we would have so many Audiophiles in India. This is exciting. About myself, I did my undergrad in India, Masters in USA and currently reside at Michigan, USA. I will be moving to India by the end of December this year. My...
  2. D

    New 2.1 Setup (Budget approx 1.9)

    Hello friends, I am trying to build a new 5.1 setup. I would like to go for quality speakers, and build it step by step. For example First, I would build a 2.1 setup, then center and then surrounds at last. Space: approx 3000 cubic feet Listening: Music 70%, Movies 30% Proposed...
  3. Nagaraj S

    SVS PB 2000: Output too low?

    Hi all, A few days back, I purchased the SVS PB 2000 from htsore.in. There was no demo unit at htstore, and I bough this sub based on purely the unanimously positive reviews this sub has all over the net! This was risky - buying an expensive sub without an audition, but I still went ahead. I...