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Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. A

    Marantz SR8012 + PSB X2T + XC + XB + XA in 7.2.4 atmos config sourcing from KOLKATA needed.

    Marantz SR8012 + PSB X2T + XC + XB + XA in 7.2.4 atmos config sourcing from KOLKATA needed. Hello friends, Sorry for another thread. I am looking for authorised dealers here at Kolkata for setting up my atmos config with PSB speakers and Marantz amp. HIFImart has been regular source but not I...
  2. M

    Connecting Echo Dot to existing PC audio setup (PC to swans m200mkII)

    Hi all I am in a bit of a tricky situation wrt to my current audio setup. Like many of you, I ordered Echo Dot. Problem is I cant figure out a way to connect it to my speakers- Swans M200mkII. Swans are connected to my PC using a Asus Xonar STX card. There is no aux input on Swans. I have...
  3. M

    Edifier S2000 Pro availability in India

    Hey Guys, I am looking to make my first purchase of Speakers. So I decided on Edifier S2000 Pro for now! Does anyone knows any retailers in India selling Edifier Speakers? Hari
  4. M

    Swans D1080-4 or Thonet & Vander Kurbis

    I want to replace my Logitech Z623. Though Z623 was good for movies I never liked it for music. My budget is max 15K, for that I have shortlisted two speakers Swans D1080-iv and Thonet & Vander Kurbis BT 2.0. Now I need your expert opinions on choosing one out of them.
  5. P

    Please suggest Active Speakers 2.0/2.1 - under ?40K

    Hi, I have signed up for some credible advice on speakers which is simply unavaible in the mainstream in this country. 1) I want a 2.0 system, (2.1 will also do) no amps just plug & play active/powered speakers. Between ?20-40,000 2) They must sound LOADS better than Bose 'Signature'...
  6. all4music

    my basic stereo set up

    during my bachelor days i used spend most of my free time on the road - i mean driving to different destinations - with friends. so it was only natural that i started 'upgrading' the car audio system. i had bought amplifier and components even before i could purchase the car :p but now that...
  7. T

    ELAC BS 52.2 vs Swans M100MKII

    Aside from Swans' Bluetooth feature, please compare the specifications of these two speakers to suggest which is better? Any links on the Internet about them?
  8. S

    Swans M20W v/s Klipsch Promedia- 40%Movies, 40%PS3, 20%Music + alternate suggestions

    I have a budget of max 14k and I have gone crazy reading jumping from speaker to speaker. I rejected Logitech Z623 for inaccurate sound reproduction while playing music and rejected Edifier C3 for low bass output (I was almost convinced to buy these) and Swans M10 again for low bass output...
  9. P

    budget sub for swans m200mkii / &DAC/Soundcard queries

    hi.. i just wanted to know which budget subwoofer will go well with swan m200mkii speakers? i'm not a basshead at all..but i want to add little more bass to my music..below is my setup: pc > asus xonar dx > swans m200mkii also if i upgrade xonar dx to xonar stx or other budget DAC will it...