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Wharfedale Diamond 12 Series
  1. gobble

    Tiny or Micro NAS option for Travel?

    The synology DS419slim looks great with a 3.5" form factor but it doesnt have Wifi only Gbe. I am unsure if Synology OS works with USB wifi adapters or not. Can anyone already owning Synology devices confirm? My primary use is to avoid carrying a laptop and use it with my iPad in a peer-to-peer...
  2. A

    Synology NAS connection with Integrated Amp (with internal DACs) thru USB

    Hi I m a newbie here, but has been reading post for long. i currently own follwing HT setup - Denon x1100w, Pioneer AJ5.1, Sony 42W900B and use Synology NAS 215J with Asus N18U router for all my media needs. This year, i plan to have dedicated quality stereo setup with limited budget. Since...
  3. haisaikat

    Looking for Mini-Itx mobo for DIY NAS

    Hi Everyone I looking for the feasibility to build a DIY NAS module that can readily host USB Drives over my home network (refer my earlier thread titled Synology USB Station 2 http://www.hifivision.com/media-streaming-players/26821-synology-usb-station-2-a.html?highlight=synology ). On this I...
  4. haisaikat

    Synology USB Station 2

    All, I was wondering long to put a device on my network that can instantly plug and play USB drives connected to it and make them available on the network. Note I already have DNS 323 on my network which is hosting two 1TB sata drives and can allow smb based file sharing on network with...