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tannoy mercury v4i

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. V

    Floorstanders Audition and Queries

    Hi folks, Recently moved into our new house and decided to give the music and movies a facelift too. For past 4 months, auditioned and listened to various options. My usage and preference is much more towards music (60-70%). Movies and tv viewing make up for the rest. Since space for speakers...
  2. amit11

    Tannoy Mercury V4i + Yamaha A-S500

    Hi Friends, After auditioning few speakers and amplifiers, I was thinking to go for the below combination of floor standing speakers and stereo amplifier 1. Tannoy Mercury V4i (Floor standing speakers) Note: This is the "i" model, and not the discontinued V4 (without i) 2. Yamaha...