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Wharfedale Diamond 12 Series
  1. cybervinay

    SOLD Upgrade Tweak - TANNOY 4 pin speaker plug and socket (with wire) PAIR - For all Silver Reds Golds HPD Drivers (From mainly tannoy UK)

    This is a tweak for all the vintage tannoy drivers including all Silver Reds Golds HPD If you believe good connectors and wires make a difference, then this is for you. You must already own the tannoy speakers. I have bought these some time back and never used. These are from UK seller mainly...
  2. cybervinay

    SOLD Tannoy Monitor Gold Crossover - Single Piece for Tannoy LSU/HF/15/8 LSU/HF/12/8

    Up for sale is vintage original crossover for Tannoy Monitor Gold Speakers. One 1 piece. I found this while cleaning my closet. I had used plenty of Tannoy speakers in the past and this is leftover. I cant test is as I do not have any tannoy speakers any more. Sold As-Is. Good news is the main...
  3. eabhishek

    Accuphase and B&W Owners' Listening Impressions

    Friends, I have Accuphase E-260 driving B&W 685 S1. I am using an accuphase DAC-40 onboard DAC. My source is a chromecast audio (optical out) which I plan to upgrade to a Digione signature in immediate future. I use generic 12 AWG speaker cables from Amazon. I want to upgrade to a commensurate...
  4. R

    Would like to connect locally in Mumbai with anyone using vintage Tannoy loudspeakers....

    Hello & Greetings ! I realize that my chances would be quite slim; however, IF there is (or, are) anyone local to me here in Mumbai who is using vintage TANNOY (15") loudspeakers, I'd like to get in touch with them to compare notes, discuss issues and perhaps, even listen to their set up...
  5. R

    For Sale Tannoy XT-6F for sale

    I am planning to Sell my Tannoy XT-6F. 1. 1.2 year old. 2. price -85000 3. Location Hyderabad Pls PM me if interested. Thanks Raghu
  6. chandu2106

    For Sale Tannoy Eclipse 3 towers and Tannoy Centre combo sale

    Up for sale of Tannoy Eclipse 3 towers and Tannoy Centre combo Best value for money home theater speakers. Purchase Date: FEB '17 Cost price : 54 K Asking Price : 45K (combo price) Owner : Primary Location : Bangalore (Preferred local pick up only, original packing not available) Invoice...
  7. D

    For Sale Magnat Supreme 200 Bookshelf

    Magnat Bookshelf speakers for sale. Practically brand new, listening time 10 hours at most. Deep Bass and articulate sound and quite powerful for its size. Asking price is 16000/- or best offer. Item in Hyderabad. Shipping may not be possible given the weight and size. But can be sent to...
  8. B

    Need help 5.1 speaker package

    Hi, I am having Yamaha V479 and looking for 5.1 speakers. room size is 12x16. Budget @40k. For music 60% and movies 40% I have choice of rather auditioned following systems 1. Tannoy TFX 5.1 2. Morel Primo I couldn't get audition for polk, klipsch in pune. Also got good feedback for...
  9. spandan414

    For Sale Tannoy HTS 101 5.1 speaker Package

    Hello Folks, This speaker has been bought in the UK around 2 years ago and hand carried back to India. The speaker package consists of 4 satellite speakers, center speaker and a powered sub woofer. All the speakers is are great condition. I have the wires, Wall mounts, Bill and the manuals...
  10. ShutterX

    Finally tested repaired Yamaha AX-350 Amp

    After recently getting a 15 year old Yamaha AX-350 amp, i am finally ready to jump into hifi. Since my budget allows me to go for bookshelf speakers, the 35 wRMS (at 8 ohms) that this amp makes is good enough for me to use. So i carried it over to a nearby hifi store to try it out with decent...
  11. Z

    Zimbly and his Home theater

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post here. Been a silent reader for the better part of the last year and I have to admit the knowledge I have gained since reading up on the numerous posts here is amazing. I write here today because I have finally decided to take the plunge into setting up a...
  12. T

    New speakers

    Hi I'm currently looking for some new spekers. There are two good deals I've found. 1. Tannoy Revolution DC4T floor standing speakers new at 200 or 2. Kef Q100 bookshelf speakers for 220. The Kef's were 400, the Tannoy's were rrp 650 although I can't find anywhere selling them...
  13. I

    Audition Help Required

    Hello to all members... I am new to this forum and have been reading around several threads.. and the wonderful first hand information of products around. I am looking to buy an entry level floor standing speakers and possibly a subwoofer. I have read multiple reviews of the Andrew...
  14. V

    Wharfedale DX1 with Marantz SR7002

    Hi, I have a Marantz SR7002, paired with Yamaha NX555 floorstanding speakers. I am looking to complement that with a 5.1 system so that I have 2.1 system for music and 7.1 system for movies. Source is Sony BDP. I am split between Tannoy HTS101, Polk Audio TL1600, Wharfedale DX1 (all...
  15. D

    Yamaha RX-V675 with Tannoy HTS 101 OR Wharfedale DX-1 HCP?

    After reading a bit about the specs that are specified in the brochures and trying to understand a bit to help differentiate Speaker packages, I think I've now got my mind set on the Wharfedale DX-1's vs the Tannoy HTS 101's. Especially, on Frequency Response alone, you can see that the...
  16. V

    Purchased new home theater finally

    It was my childhood dream to buy a home theater system with solid sound for movies as well as music. I did extensive research on most of the speaker system present in Indian market. Read almost all user reviews across various sites be it indian or international. Sometimes too much information...
  17. cybervinay

    For Sale Tannoy ST200 Super Tweeter (Pair) - Mint Condition

    I have for sale my Tannoy ST200 Super Tweeter (Pair) This was bought 8 months back has not been used much. I connected it for a few weeks and then removed and since then it is sitting on the shelves. I am disposing this off to arrange some funds for another project I am the original owner...
  18. H

    Tannoy auditioning availability in Chennai

    I'm planning to buy tannoy mercury v1 from one of our FM from Bangalore. So I would like to audition it before buying it from him. Can anyone tell me where I can audition these speakers in Chennai Thanks!!!!
  19. A

    Upgrade to 5.1 HT - within 2.5 lakhs

    Guys, Please help me with speaker and receiver selection. I want upgrade my 2.0 system into a 5.1 system. I currently have a Yamaha AS-500 amp with Monitor Audio BX2 bookshelf speakers. I am thinking of using these BX2 speakers as side speakers. So I need 3 more speakers, a Sub and a...
  20. arj

    A new member in my setup

    Last sunday, this landed up at my place Click It was a chance discovery. I had seen a offer for a Tannoy GRF memory speaker in Singapore and requested the Official Singapore division of Hifivision ie Dr Bass to see it and check it out before i start dreaming on those lines. Long story...