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tata sky

Wharfedale Diamond 12 Series
  1. I

    Dilemma Tata Sky v/s Airtel

    My patience with Hathway is over. Although their service is good, they don't have intention to give dolby digital to at least all movie channels. My costly HT setup is not getting utilized. I'm thinking of trying Tata Sky or Airtel DTH. I have feedback from this forum that Airtel has very good...
  2. M

    Airtel Internet TV

    Airtel has launched new STB, which is basically Android TV. So once connected to your wifi/Ethernet, you can do all sorts of things - youtube, Netflix, Chromecast/google cast. They are also in negotiation to bring amazon prime. As part of introductory offer, STV+12 months of all channels...
  3. C

    Inverter/UPS Suggest for Gaming/Entertainment unit

    I've moved to a new society where we do have a power-generator, but every time the power goes off and comes back on, which is about 2-3 times a day, it trips for about 2 seconds. I've lost n number of games online when this happens. Many shots or moves that I missed when watching sports on...
  4. S

    First ever Malayalam HD in DTH.credit goes to Tata Sky for adding Asianet HD

    Now available on 865 channel
  5. D

    US bought Sharp TV suddenly stopped working with Tata Sky Set top Box

    Hello all, I would appreciate any help. Here is the brief problem statement: I bought a Sharp TV from USA last year and connected it through HDMI cable to Tata Sky Set top box in India. It worked perfectly fine. Absolutely no problems. And few days back I had to change my TV stand...
  6. I

    Strange problem with Tata Sky Plus HD - Need Help

    I have been facing an issue with my Tata Sky Plus HD STB for the last 4 months approx. Some programs get randomly recorded without me scheduling recording for them. The red button for recording glows throughout the duration of the program and I am unable to cancel the recording at that time for...
  7. P

    Tata Sky vs. Videocon D2H

    Hi, I'm switching to HD soon and I'd like to know what advantages Videocon provides over Tata Sky and vice versa. I'm currently using Tata Sky SD and am reasonably satisfied with their service and equipment. How would Videocon compare on this front?
  8. G

    Will IPL 5 be telecasted in HD?

    Hi, I recently bought a LG 42" LW6500 3D Cinema TV. I was also given a free TataSky HD connection (Even though I already have an TataSky SD connection from 2005). The HD channels clarity is simply amazing. Just out of curiosity, will TataSky add more HD channels this year? Also...
  9. S

    ESPN HD Added in Tatasky HD

    ESPN HD Added in Tatasky HD Channel No 406
  10. drkavint

    I cried for new shoes until i saw man without legs..

    i own reliance hd-dvr past one year.. thought to change to tata sky for 1. slow change in channels 2. hdmi shakes (while playing recorded content, if i change to dvd/ other input on tv, the content stops playing and switches to live tv.) 3.poor channel packages.( star movies hd and movies now...
  11. V

    RCA(White and Red Cable) to 5.1 cable converter

    Hello All, I have purchased a Tata Sky HD and I want to connect it to my 5.1 surround sond which has no coaxil etc.....It is A DVD Home Theatre System and it only has a RCA Auxilairy Port.....but it supports 5.1 surround sound....I was wondering as RCA is only Left and Right Speakers and the...
  12. B

    Volume too low on Tata Sky STB

    Last week, Tata Sky pushed a firmware update to the STB and it went all ok, except for the audio part. Now I find that the volume is too low on the same settings as compare to before. Previously I used to keep my AVR at a volume level of 45 and the STB on 2 bars. Now I have to keep my AVR at...
  13. Phantom

    Upscaling DTH - Tata Sky

    If anyone has tried upscaling the Tata Sky signal (Composite Video) to a higher level, pl share information on :- a) How is the performance b) What level of upscaling could you achieve c) Which AVR did you use to upscale ? d) Did your HD TV upscale ? Thanks
  14. S

    Tata sky or Airtel digital tv

    Want to buy dth i think it should be tata or airtel which will be batter mostly i will be seeing cricket, movies(eng&hindi),news can you also sugest which package to go far try to give channel list, price of packs,topups etc i live in chennai regards
  15. A

    tatasky vs dishtv

    i am using dish tv since a year now my experience with them is notso great in terms of customer service & the user interface. Their customer service is very slow & most of the cases they adopt unethical pratices like last month they started charging customers for downgradation of the pack. I...
  16. S

    TATA SKY to LCD Monitor

    Hi Can someone help me understand what kind of LCD Monitor(Not TV) do I need to get so that I can connect my TATA SKY video to that. I am not looking at connecting my audio there as I have it connected to my Bose Companion 5. What kind of cables do I need ? What kind of inputs should be...