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Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. E

    Tatasky HD channels still appear washed out (2016, high SQ)

    Hello, I just got my first DTH connection in Bangalore with Tata Sky HD. It's ok for the most part. However, the HD is definitely not HD. I understand that India still doesn't have any real "Full HD" ie. 1080p broadcast. However, even with the 1080i that Tata Sky seems to be providing, many...
  2. T

    Tatasky 4k Launch 2015 ?!

    Hi All, Just came across a news item about Tatasky demoing Football in 4k:licklips: and rave reviews about the 4k transmission and the glorious pq. Seems they are planning to launch 4k services from early 2015. Excited about 4k channels coming but worried that its going to be from...
  3. m2maddy

    Help Finalizing DTH

    Alright folks, have been researching and reading threads for 2 weeks now to see which DTH to get and am still confused :confused: My TV: Sony 47W850A Location: Bangalore Requirements Good PQ Especially for HD Channels (Star Plus, Sports, Movies) Decent Price point Performance during rainy...
  4. devilz_workshop

    Moving on from pathetic DishTV. Another TSHD vs D2H HD query.

    Hi, I used to be a TS SD user but 2 years ago while upgrading to HD I picked DishTV HD instead of upgrading the existing connection since TS at that time had not upgrade offers and their STB was relatively costlier and that DishTV had more HD content than TS. I have had no complaints with TS...
  5. T

    How to upscale TataSky SD to HD via Onkyo-NR515

    Hi Is it possible to upscale SD channels to HD using a Onkyo-NR515 ? If yes, how can I do it ? I tried to 1. Input/Output Assign -> 1. Monitor Out -> Resolution set to Auto I then tried changing it to Through and the TV would now say its displaying in 480p, but I still doesn't show any...
  6. N

    Home Theater Setup - Suggestions welcome!

    Friends, I am planning to setup a home theater with the following: 1 - Mitsubishi HC4000 projector 2 - LG 42 3D Tv (existing) 3 - 100 inch motorized screen (yet to decide model/make) 4 - 3d Blu ray player (yet to decide on model/make) 5 - 5.1 sound system (yet to decide on model/make)...
  7. T

    TSky PVR HDD replacement - possible?

    Hi All, I have been using the HD PVR Tatasky box for more than 2yrs now and off late, while watching some recorded programs only, the STB freezes suddenly and after about 5 mins reboots and switches to default mode and works fine. This never happens while watching live content.. I...
  8. N

    Suspecting Tata Sky+ fault

    Hi, My current setup is LED TV DVD Player Onkyo Amplifier Tata Sky HD+ (recent upgrade) VG Crytal Stablizer Scenario 1: Switch on Tata Sky HD+ and LED TV When running switch on Onkyo Amp or any other power switch (increase fan regulator, tube light switch) TV powers goes off for 1-2...
  9. S

    Is it worth moving from TS+ to TS+ HD?

    I've been using TS+ for over 2 years now and have been fairly happy. Most of my viewing comprises of Sports, eng entertainment and eng movies. I almost got a TS+ HD last week but backed off when I heard the prices had been revised upwards for both the STB and the HD channels (I have make my...
  10. S

    HD Audio Missing from TataSky HD (not plus)

    There is a strange thing that I noticed yesterday. I've been using TataSky HD (not the DVR one) and I've seen 1080i output for HD channels. I never bothered to check the audio details as I used to play through my HD TV. Now I have a HT and I believed it would play the HD channels in 5.1 To my...
  11. P

    TS+HD - Bug reports and Feature requests thread

    What would you like to be implemented on the next firmware release? Lets be practical enough so our requests could be incorporated on the next release successfully. Here's mine: 1. Better sorting of recordings like "alphabetically", file size, circular scrolling, we should reach the end of...
  12. A

    tatasky vs dishtv

    i am using dish tv since a year now my experience with them is notso great in terms of customer service & the user interface. Their customer service is very slow & most of the cases they adopt unethical pratices like last month they started charging customers for downgradation of the pack. I...