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Wharfedale Speakers
  1. Fiftyfifty


    Hi, I wish to sell these within the next 10 days hence offered at a big discount. 1. Marantz TT15S1 Belt drive turntable in near mint condition: Purchased new around 2 years ago from the distributor. This is a true audiophile turntable designed and manufactured by Clearaudio in Germany and...
  2. surendar

    SOLD Technics RS-AZ6 Audio Cassette Deck with SH-GE70 Graphic Equalizer

    UPDATE: ALL ITEMS SOLD!! THANKS TO ALL WHO HAD SHOWN INTEREST AND RESPONDED TO MY POST. Both player and equaliser sold outside forum. For sale is Technics RS-AZ6 audio cassette deck along with Technics SH-GE70 graphic equalizer. Both are top end audiophile products in Technics line up when...
  3. E

    Garrard SL95b or technics SL-D3

    Both are in good condition and cost the same. Which turntable should i buy and why? Are spare parts for either ones available in india? Please help . Thanks in Advance
  4. plasmoid

    Technics SU-V90D Integrated Amplifier

    Hi all, Just wanted your valuable opinions on this amp. I did a bit of research and found out this was at the top of the technics line in the late 80's/early 90's. Just have a few questions... 1.I am presently using a Marantz PM7000 to drive Wharfedale speakers. Will the Technics be a big...
  5. plasmoid

    Wanted Wanted original Technics rubber mat

    Hi All, The rubber mat I received with my TT was hardened and cracked on arrival. If anyone has a spare, please PM me with price and shipping charges(if not from Bangalore)
  6. A

    Technics SA-DX940 amp first 3hr review..

    I got a change to get Technics SA-DX940 amp and took it home yesterday night. Connected it to BDP and Dali z5 speakers. Burned my All FLAC & few MP3 music files on a DVD (as an experiment as my FLAC files were not sounding good via USB), and just played 1st song Jya Jaley (Dil Sey)......... and...
  7. rockypro1

    Hi Fi Flexy Rack home made.

    Hi all. I've been registered here a while but this is my first post. Oh well better late that never. Well here are some videos of the making of my hi fi flexy rack. Also a picture video slideshow and then pictures of the hi fi now. Build part 1. https://youtu.be/SOb_bk5GOxw Build...
  8. plasmoid

    Wanted Technics SL1200/1210 MK2/M3d

    If anyone is selling any of these models in MINT/Excellent working condition please contact me.
  9. A

    For Sale Technics SL-Q200 2-Speed Quartz Direct-Drive Automatic Turntable

    Selling US model (110V) Technics SLQ-200 2-Speed Quartz Direct-Drive Automatic Turntable with step down transformer. This turntable used sparingly and in very good condition. It has extremely new Audio Technica AT92E cartridge with very good sound. New cartridge used only for 4 - 6 hours of...
  10. A

    Turntable, Phono, Cartridge, LPs etc. deals

    I have started this thread to sum up all deals related to turntables at one place. Members, if you find any deals anywhere related to TT and its related please post here. To start with, I have found one deal for AT 92ECD cartridge over ebay. This seller is shipping internationally this...
  11. sjith

    Technics SL-PG350 CD Player

    hi, I am a beginner in the hifi world anyone can give some details about the Technics SL-PG-350 Compact Disc Player Something written MASH in the CD Tray, whats it ? this can give a good sound quality like New era Audio CD Players Now I am using WD TV as a source to the...
  12. L

    Help me repair my Technics- SL-5 Turntable in Bangalore!

    Hi folks! New to this board. :) I have an SL-5 Technics turntable in Bangalore Technics SL-5 Direct Drive Linear Tracking Turntable - YouTube Hadn't used it for a while, but have a pretty large LP collection I wanted to check out. Tried playing some on the Technics, but the needle and...
  13. K

    SL-10 with Plinius M7 Pre-Amp

    Hi Guys - Need some help. I bought an SL-10 in good condition recently. I connected it to my Plinius M7 Pre-amp through the phono connection. The cartridge is the original EPS-310MC. The person who sold it to me hasnt played this in years as he sold his pre-amp many years ago. When I...
  14. prepress

    Technics sb-a53 speakers

    Dear friends, Somebody is selling "Technics sb-a53" tower speakers (12" woofers X2, Midrange, Tweeter) 260 watt 8 ohm. If somebody is using (or used) these speakers, I want to know about the performance review and what should be the best price if I buy these speakers for now. It would be...
  15. A

    Looking for vintage Technics/Infinity/JBL speakers

    as the title suggests. prefer 70s vintage, can consider 80s. am also interested in matching amp.
  16. A

    Looking for vintage Technics/NAD/Carver amp

    As the title suggests. Prefer 70s vintage, can consider 80s. Will also be interested in matching speakers.
  17. O

    Success: Technics SL1200MKII Tonearm Rewire and Damping

    Success: Technics SL1200MKII Tonearm Rewire and Damping From car damping success wrt noise and resonance, I was curious to know what happens to this delicate piece of engineering marvel. After reading I cam to know this tonearm has resonance of below 13Hz. So damping will help for low...