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Wharfedale Diamond 12 Series
  1. psychotropic

    Next best option if I can't get a Toshiba U7980 (Budget 70k, Chennai)

    My (old 2013 vintage) Samsung LCD died very recently. Thanks to the wise people on this forum and elsewhere I narrowed in on the 65" Toshiba U7980 as the best option to buy in my somewhat limited budget (70k max, and that too with the help of interest-free EMIs :P). I've been looking out for...
  2. Y

    Decent 4k under 86k according living room space.

    Hey, pardon for any errors since this is my first post(anywhere). 1) along with the attached living room overview... Do i require an IPS panel or will a VA panel do?. I am not sure of how to get the viewing angle. There is an indian sitting on the side where people may sit occasionally. 2) the...
  3. D

    OnePlus U1 55, should I go for it?

    I have been planning to buy a tv for so long now and my maximum budget is 50k, and since the OnePlus tv had just launched I visited the OnePlus experience center today to check the tv out. To be very honest I was underwhelmed, with all the talk of DCI-P3 93% the tv still doesn't feel impressive...
  4. bitanshudas

    One Plus TV is coming ! What are your expectations ?

    So the Oneplus TV would be launched next month in India (So excited!!). As per the leaks, we already know the Chipset MediaTek MT5670 with graphics processor Mali-G51, 3 GB RAM and a 55" QLED screen and most probably Dolby Vision and Atmos Support alongwith with HDR10. So what are your...
  5. M

    Panasonic 2019 GX750 BOOKED

    Just booked GX750 TV. I feel the wait was totally worth it. Ok, there's nothing on any websites about this tv. Even Dealer did not have any material about this. From the tv label could make out following things.. Supports HDR10+, DOLBY VISION, DOLBY ATMOS. HCX processor which was used in 2018...
  6. ratheesh

    55" 4k @ 50k

    Hi, The quest for searching the ultimate value for money budget 4k TV started long back but as usual it's limited by the technology and big players playing big refusing to come down. This year is phenomenal in bringing the value proposition back to consumers. More and more companies stepping...
  7. A

    Ditch DTH !!??

    Hello Everyone, Since Internet rates have dropped substantially and unlimited data has become affordable is there a way to completely ditch DTH/Cable connections and just hookup the TV to the internet and watch all channels ? I mean why pay a hefty price for HD channels? Also with the Internet...
  8. A

    Need suggestion for a new TV

    Hello everyone, I am planning to buy a new TV, and need some suggestions. Viewing distance: 8feet, will 49inch be enough ? Budget: Upto 40k 4k : not sure, as I have read over the internet that it makes no difference for a TV size less than 50inches, still i think its better to get it to be...
  9. V

    suggestion Videocon crystal 55 UHD vnv55q549sa

    Hi Guys can anyone please give suggestions on the above mentioned TV.what kind of 4K Content will I be able to play on it and does it upscale HD content. Anyone using it or any idea would be helpful Thanks
  10. A

    For Sale Vu 55 inch 4k smart television

    Hello, I am selling my Vu 55 inch 4k smart television. Details as follows Model LTDN55XT780XWAU3D Purchase date 1st april 2016 Mint condition (very sparsely used) Still ubder warranty Asking price 55000 (current price 65000 on Flipkart, negotiable of course) Reason for selling is...
  11. K

    Chromecast 2 vs Teewe 2 streaming stick for VU 40 inch TV

    Hi, I am looking for review/comparison on Chromecast 2 and teewe 2. Any one of you using it, please give your inputs. My main usage will be 1. Moblile phone Screen mirroring to TV using chromecast/Teewe 2. Streaming videos which are locally stored in phone. If you are using other...
  12. G

    UHD vs Full HD

    Hello you knowledgeable guys I need to buy a TV and I have two choices at the moment - a 43" LG UHD TV and a 49" Panasonic Shinobi TV (630 series), both priced approximately at around 63-65000. Financial constraints prevent me from reaching higher, much as I'd like to have a 50" odd 4K panel...
  13. K

    Confused with Samsung 43J5570 vs Sony 43w800D vs LG43Lh600T

    Hi, Greetings from a new comer to this forum. I am looking to buy a 43'' Full HD smart tv and following are the tv's I have shortlisted. 1. Samsung 43J5570 [ and 40K5570- this yeas model as well] 2. LG 43LH600T 3. Sony 43W800D My budget is around 60-65K. All these 3 TVs are comes...
  14. M

    Help me select a nice TV!

    Hi, I Registered Here Just To Ask You Guys. I Did A Lot Of Research In The Interwebs And Went To Actual Showrooms Too, But Here I Am Still Confused Which One To Buy :Lol: So Anyways, My Budget Can Stretch Up To 1 Lac 30K I'd Mainly Use It For Tv Viewing And Very Possibly For Xbox/Ps...
  15. johnysamajhdar

    Vu 55" UHD 4K Iconium TV - Detailed Review

    VU 55" 4K Iconium TV Review ------------------------------------------- So, Now it's been more than a month and I was contemplating to pen down my reviews for the new 4K Television that I have purchased. It's VU 55" (140cms) 4K Iconium Series, Model No. (LTDN55XT780XWAU3D). I've been messing...
  16. M

    Help!!! Need help connecting Creative Home Theater with LG TV

    Ahoy Experts! I am new to this forum and off late I have been researching a lot on utilizing my old Creative 5.1 Home Theater with my LG TV. Since I am not too much into audio systems and all, I was getting confused on how to proceed with it so after researching a lot I realized that this...
  17. G

    Suggest a 40 - 42 inch led tv

    My budget is Rs. 45k. I want following features: Full HD smart TV 3 HDMI ports USB Wifi and ethernet DLNA Optical audio out Good file format support for playback 3D (not a must) strong build quality I'm looking for a pretty recent model. I'll be buying at a local showroom.
  18. G

    which tv should i go for??? confused

    hi i am looking to buy a tv these are what i have narrowed down to sony 42w900b 74000INR 3d smart full HD Motionflow XR 400 Hz sony 48R482b 68000INR full HD but refresh rate is low Motionflow XR 100Hz lg 49lb6200 74000INR 3d full HD refresh rate is low Dynamic MCI (Hz) 100 (50Hz) lg...
  19. RMCWS

    Micromax 40T2820FHD 101 cm (40) LED TV - My story

    WHY MICROMAX? Mostly because of the cost factor. I was looking for a second TV exclusively for daily soaps in SD for my family. Budget was around Rs.20-25000. Size requirement was minimum 32 as I was about to replace a 25 CRT. And suddenly I noticed the super attractive price in flipkart for a...
  20. A

    Why do I need Tv screen protector with Anti-UV protection?

    Why Do I Need Tv Screen Protector with Anti-UV protections since the new screen technologies such as Led, release minimum radiation? According to new research the new technology monitors release little radiation which is not harmful for the user when the following measures are kept: 1.The...