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  1. G

    can you tell the difference between 8 bit and 16 bit audio?

    Here is a web based listening test. The 16-bit v/s 8-bit Blind Listening Test, Part 2.
  2. ShutterX

    Finally tested repaired Yamaha AX-350 Amp

    After recently getting a 15 year old Yamaha AX-350 amp, i am finally ready to jump into hifi. Since my budget allows me to go for bookshelf speakers, the 35 wRMS (at 8 ohms) that this amp makes is good enough for me to use. So i carried it over to a nearby hifi store to try it out with decent...
  3. S

    Surround sound mp3+ test sounds

    Hi I heard a music from Ghost in the shell in 5.1 surround and it was great.It was a .ac3 file ripped from blue ray. Are there multi channel mp3 songs available in a different format or name?I know the Blue ray sound track,but are they available for purchase only as song? I also have a 2.1...
  4. devilwearsprada

    Movies/Music to Show-off system.

    Welcome All, I would like to open this thread to discuss music/movies that can be used to show off your system/components as this will help us to judge the system. For Eg: Tron:Legacy for the bass part :D POP : Sands of time and XXX - 1 for the surrounds. U571 and Universal Soldier...