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  1. R

    genelec actives for home theatre?

    HI, I am setting up a new home theatre for movie watching purposes. I have heard a number of options of speakers before coming to following 3 options. The setup will be 5.1.2 The room size is 21' x 16'. 6.5m x 5m. All below options will be driven by suitable marantz pre and power amps...
  2. M

    AB class power amplifiers

    we design and manufacture high end power amplifiers in AB class topology. power ranging from 100 watt rms per channel to 2500 watts rms per channel. these amps are capable to handle impedance loads as low as o.25 ohms(ZX series amplifiers) to 2 ohms (QMX series) . AB class amplifiers deliver...
  3. P

    First Home Theater

    Hello all, This is my first time posting here at hifivision.com, but I have viewed threads in the past for information. I'm a newbie so if I accidentally break one of the rules let me know. I am in the planning stage of setting up my very first home theater. For the purpose of this thread...
  4. smedhavi

    Renovating my Home Theater Room - Need your guidance

    Hi, I setup my first dedicated home theater in 2003. I kept upgrading the equipment over the years, but it is time now for a complete renovation. So I decided to take this as an opportunity and move the HT to a new room which is slightly bigger. With some inspiration from santhol2, I...