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topping amp tp20

Wharfedale Speakers
  1. subhobh

    SOLD Topping TP20 - Mark2 integrated amplifier

    Withdrawing the sale! Request to the moderator to close the thread. Offering my stunning little amp Topping TP20-Mark2 Class T Digital integrated amplifier. This is a revolutionary class-T (similar to class D) digital integrated amplifier. Here are some details...
  2. S

    Wanted Cambridge Audio s30 or equivalent speaker

    I wanted a pair of Cambridge Audio s30 as it has just too many tempting reviews to even consider any other bookshelf speaker. If anyone is willing to part away with his/her pair or can get me a new one. If not, any other equivalent bookshelf under 15k that go well with Topping TP20 amp.
  3. K

    Query on compatibility of AMP with Boston acoustics soundware XS 2.1

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and hifi systems. So, for begining I don't have much budget. I am planning to buy Soundware XS 2.1 and pair it with Topping TP 20 or Topping TP30. Will the amp be able to drive speakers and will they be compatible. Please help. Thanks!
  4. O

    Topping TP20 Mark II with NuForce Icon uDAC2

    Hello folks, I am a newbie on this forum. Based on the recommendations in what has been a popular article, I bought the following equipment: 1. Topping TP20 Mark II 2. NuForce Icon uDAC2 (USB DAC) 3. 22 AWG Gold Plated RCA M/M Plug cables for left and right inputs from the DAC to the amp. 4...
  5. F

    For Sale Legendary Topping TP-20 Amp (brand new condition)

    I am at a point in my life, where I have to move overseas, work a boring job, earn money and call my life a success. Whatever! It's all part of growing up, I am told. :indifferent14: So, I am putting up my Topping Amp for sale. I got off Ebay.co.uk and waited for 3-4 weeks to receive the...
  6. F

    Stereo bookshelf speakers under Rs.15-30k

    Yet Another Budget Bookshelf Quest (Rs.15-30k) Yep, this is another shoestring budget BS speaker thread! However, as a bonus, it also includes some rather detailed bickering about my previous experiences with sound equipment. Amplifier: Topping Amp TP20 Source: M-Audio Revolution...