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topping tp 20

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
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    My first basic audiophile stereo setup Topping T20 + Cambridge Audio 30

    Finally my basic stereo setup is beginning to get in shape :yahoo::yahoo: Currently: 1.) Source: Foobar2000 with WASAPI Drivers on my old Toshiba Laptop 2.) Amplifier: Topping TP20 3.) MX stereo RCA cable 4.) MX gauge 14 speaker connect wires 5.) SOL republic tracks HD Next Steps...
  2. J

    Audio O/P issue with my setup

    Hello All, I have the following setup and I am facing an issue :- HiMedia 600B > Nuforce ICON-UDAC2 > Topping TP20-MK2 MKII TA2020 > 2 Cambridge Audio Minx Min 20 speakers The HiMedia 600B is also connected to the TV through HDMI cable. The issue is after connecting the coaxial cable...
  3. O

    Speakers for my Topping Amp

    I have recently bought the following amplifier, USB DAC and connectors and am looking to buy a set of speakers and speaker connectors to complete the set. 1. Topping TP20 Mark II Power Amplifier. 2. Nuforce Icon uDAC 2 USB DAC. 3. A pair of gold plated 22 AWG RCA connectors (~ 2 m). 4...
  4. C

    Cambridge Audio S-30 in Mumbai

    Could anyone point me to where I can buy a pair of Cambridge Audio S-30 in Mumbai? Have tried Allainze4, they are out of stock. Planning to use them as front replacements for the Onkyo 3400 for stereo. If the combo fails, I'll switch to the Topping TP20 route. Suggestions for any...
  5. P

    Topping TP20 Compatible Speakers

    Where can I get Topping TP 20 compatible speakers in Chennai. Particularly JBL Control One. JBL Control One Pro is available with Grand Cinema but JBL Control One seems to be available in Bangalore only. I would prefer to audition first before buying. Any suggestions for speakers available...