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Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. Q

    SOLD Topping E30 DAC

    For sale Topping E30 DAC; with invoice from HPZ and under warranty; accessories and remote unopened. As good as new. MRP: 15k. Price: 11k shipped. Please DM if interested. SOLD
  2. V

    SOLD Topping D90 DAC

    I am putting my Topping D90 DAC for sale since I am moving to an R2R DAC. Mint physical condition obviously. Works perfectly. Only a few months old. Comes with the manual, and all accessories like power cord, bluetooth antenna, USB cable, remote. Supports up to DSD512. It has both XLR and RCA...
  3. bipin1143

    Wanted Topping Desktop Speaker AMP and DAC

    Needed a desktop speaker AMP and DAC from TOPPING brand Preferably TOPPING PA3 [Speaker Amp] TOPPING D50[DAC] This is for my small room desktop setup. Alternative suggestions are welcome
  4. reachkalyan.kr

    SOLD DAC sold - TOPPING D50 DAC 2x ES9038Q2M 32bit/768kHz DSD512 XMOS U208 Black

    Sold - Topping D50 DAC Purchased about 4 months back from AliExpress for 14.5k plus customs 2.3k (16.8k). Expected price 12.5k including shipping . Will include one power adapter which is not part of default sale package !! complete packing and accessories available. Reason for sale - Moving...
  5. P

    For Sale Indeed TA2021 Stereo Amplifier

    Selling my almost new Indeed TA2021 Stereo Amplifier. Comes with the original power adapter. Also have the original box packing, the product can be shipped. Age: A month old Condition: Brand New (Sparingly Used) Ownership: 1st Owner Received Date: 16-May-2014 Reason For Sale: Selling it...
  6. K

    Topping amp specs

    Sometime ago I read in this forum about the sound quality, convenience and low footprint of the topping class D amplifiers. As I have recently sold off my stereo setup to upgrade and yet to seriously start auditioning amplifiers I thought why not get a topping amp as a stop gap measure and a 2nd...
  7. rraghuram

    Wanted used Topping Tp20 Mk2

    Hello. Any used Topping TP20 MK2 sellers out there? Please PM me if you are looking for a buyer. I am looking for one to pair with my Wharfy Diamond 9.1. Thanks.
  8. R

    T Amps or DACs made in India

    Hello Friends, After reading so many reviews and comments about Topping TP20. I am curious to know whether there are any makers of T-Amps in India? Which comes with a warranty? Also what about other Class D amps? And integrated amps preferably with a USB or Toslink connection with a built...
  9. psychotropic

    Topping TP20 tripath 2020 amplifier (versus NAD C320BEE)

    Please See detailed review with Pictures at Play It Clear EDIT: Super Value Amplifier for Rs. 4000...yes....Rs. 4000 The amp has landed. The Topping TP20 Mark 2 amp using the Tripath TA2020 chip, that produces a rated 13W maximum per channel into 8 ohms. But since that is with a 10% THD...