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  1. N

    Upgrade to Bigger Panel TV - Sharp Vs Toshiba Vs Your Suggestion

    Hey Tech folks, I need to upgrade to a newer featured 32" TV from the existing Sony BX300 32" TV. If we see the prices for Toshiba or Sharp, they are much less than other brands like the Samsung, LG or Sony (excluding the Chinese assembled brands like Micromax etc). Though I know both...
  2. S

    Philips 40PFL5059 vs Toshiba 40L2400

    Hey guys... Need some help. I'm on the hunt for a 40" LED TV to go with my PS4 and PS3... So far, I have shortlisted these 2 models :- Philips 40PFL5059/7 101.6 cm (40) Full HD LED Toshiba 40L2400 101.6 cm (40) Full HD LED Please tell me which of these 2 will be better? I have a...
  3. S

    40" led tv

    Hey guys... Please help me out... I'm on the hunt for a 40" inch LED TV to go with my PS3 and PS4. My budget is around 30k. So far, I have shortlisted these 2 TVs :- Philips 40PFL5059 102 cm (40.2) LED TV Toshiba 40L2400 101.6 cm (40) LED TV Which of these will be the better choice...
  4. K

    Toshiba 32P2305 or Panasonic Viera L32SV6D

    My first post here - trying to be as much to the point as possible. Looking for a TV for the bedroom. My key requirements are video quality, sound quality and side connectivity options in that order of preference. Usage will Tata Sky, USB/HDMI and Chromecast. Have zeroed down on Toshiba...
  5. A

    Toshiba 32PU200ZE Led USB playback pauses at random.

    I have a Toshiba 32PU200 ZE Led TV that can play almost all the video format possibly thrown at it. The problem I am facing is that when I play a movie, it pauses for around 15 seconds after random time interval (15 min to 60 min.) and TV become unresponsive to remote commands. After that, it...
  6. D

    Confusion:Toshiba 39P2305 Vs LG42PN4500

    I am in a state of confusion between these two TV.Budget is strictly restricted to 35k max. Primary Usage: SD channels(Daily Soaps Channels :indifferent14:) via Airtel DTH and I would be using it occasionally for watching BDrips.It will be used for around 7-8 hours daily. I really liked...
  7. S

    Ethernet/LAN port on Toshiba 32PX200ZE

    Hello All, I am looking for a 32 inch television for my living room (small) and looked at LG, Samsung and Sony. Of the lot, I found Sony's PQ better. But the dealer also had Toshiba Cricket Series beside and I found the PQ of Toshiba almost as good as Sony. My viewing distance being 6 to 7 ft...
  8. S

    For Sale Toshiba 46" Full HD 3D Smart LED TV - 46TL933

    In continuation with my other sale items, I am putting up my Toshiba 46" LED 3D TV. Detailed specs are below. I bought this TV on 1st Sep 2012 in Germany and then brought it to India. This is the Bedroom TV and hence the usage has been very minimal. Since the purchase, the TV is...
  9. H

    Toshiba 32L2200U USB movie files

    Hello there, Recently I bought I HDTV Toshiba 32L2200U and I was expecting to watch movies using a pen drive through the USB port, but when I conected the drive, the TV didn't recognize any movie file on it. Does any one know if I can do that? I have a LG that I can do that, so I wonder if is...
  10. J

    need advice: 32-LCD deals

    1. latest Toshiba PB20 is available for 22.5K Panel: HD Ready, Made in Thailand USB: mp3, movies Response time : 20ms letsbuy.com has a JVC LT-32E10 for 22.5 K (likely an older model but topline) Full HD, Made in Japan? has no USB....only SD card for photos response time : 5ms I am...
  11. M

    toshiba ps10ze is 3d or not

    Hi, guys I just wanted to know if toshiba ps10ze 32 inches tv is 3d or not because I just purchased this model and then next day by luck there was a cheap but cool 3d glass on the newspaper that was made of plain paper(promotion of DON 2 ) so I went ahead and opened a 3d video on my toshiba...
  12. B

    Sammy 32D450 vs Sony BX320 vs Toshiba PB10

    I a getting PB10 @ 20500, 32D450 @ 25500 and Sony @ 29900. I am buying for my parents who would mostly be watching TV from HD Set top box. Can any one share their experiences, if any, on these brands or specific models. Many salesmen have told me that Toshiba after sales is week and most of...
  13. R

    Entry level 32" LCD

    Dear denizens of HFV, I have trawled through the archives as much as I could, but still have a few questions about an entry level LCD. I need it for my father in-law, who being retired, is an avid TV watcher. Key requirements: 1. Quality/reliability - the TV must not break down or have...
  14. G

    Panasonic P42X20D vs Toshiba Regza 40AV700E

    Panasonic P42X20D or Toshiba Regza 40AV700E, please suggest Hi, I am planning to replace my 21 inch sony CRT. Panasonic P42X20D and Toshiba Regza 40AV700E both are ~34 K. I will be using Videocon D2H SD. Please suggest which one is good or suggest some other model in and around same...
  15. sonu9119

    Is is Worth to buy VU or Toshiba LCD 32" ??

    Am confused to buy the following 32"LCD VU or Toshiba Model : VU 32V88P or Toshiba 32AV700 Pls help me buy the worth. Price is same 25K but which one is worth and better Picture clarity. I did see the other LCD's *Sony,Samsung,LG,Onida,Panasonic,Videocon,llyod,AOC* I found that VU...