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tower speakers

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
  1. rainbowsong2000

    SOLD Speakers 5.0 - Boston Acoustics CS260 II, Boston Acoustics A225C, Boston Acoustics CS26 II - Reduced to Rs 20,000

    SOLD :Boston Acoustics CS260 II, Boston Acoustics A225C, Boston Acoustics CS26 II, bought in April 2018. Reason for Sale: I have upgraded my speakers. Location: Chennai. Price: Rs. 35000 Rs 20,000 Contact: PM me.
  2. K

    For Sale Jamo Studio Series S 606 Speakers 5.0 Setup on Sale

    I’m selling my Jamo S606 Floor Standing and entire 5.0 Setup. They are in mint condition Front : Jamo S606 Floorstanding with 8 inch side firing woofer Center: Jamo CEN 60 Surround: Jamo S 60 Cosmetic and Physical Condition: 9/10 Working Conditions: 10/10 Reason for selling: Upgrade (Recently...
  3. M

    Please help me choose a best tower speaker for my Onkyo HTB HT-S5100.

    Hi All - I have an Onkyo HTB which I have been using for the past 10 years (Bought from US), but now using in India. The receiver that comes along with it is HT-R560. I am planning to replace my current Front speakers (Front Speakers (SKF-560F L/R)) with tower. Now here is my concern. For...
  4. J

    For Sale Taga Platinum F60SL Floorstanding Speakers & C40PR SE Centre Channel Speaker

    Taga Platinum F60SL Floorstanding Speakers Age: About 10 months old Condition: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Original Packing: Not Available Expected Price: 29000/- Shipping & packing charges extra at actuals, please advise your exact shipping address so that can get the quote from the courier...
  5. chandu2106

    For Sale Tannoy Eclipse 3 towers and Tannoy Centre combo sale

    Up for sale of Tannoy Eclipse 3 towers and Tannoy Centre combo Best value for money home theater speakers. Purchase Date: FEB '17 Cost price : 54 K Asking Price : 45K (combo price) Owner : Primary Location : Bangalore (Preferred local pick up only, original packing not available) Invoice...
  6. Yuvaraj_N

    Looking for Tower speakers

    Hi everyone, I'm in the market for Tower speakers to complete my 2.1 setup. The prospective Tower speakers would be fired by Yamaha RS202BL stereo Amp. The upcoming tower speakers will be supported by polk DSW1000 sub. Since the Yamaha receiever doesn't have a LFE out for...
  7. Kannan

    Experiencing Xavian Speakers at AVLounge

    AV Lounge which is owned by Mr. Venkat, is a showroom for both stereo and home theater enthusiasts in Chennai. It is located in Old No.9, New No.15, 4th Cross Street, Ormes Road, Kilpauk, Chennai 600010. Contact numbers are 2644 3000, 2644 5000 and 94443 69900, email: info@avlounge.in Some...
  8. R

    For Sale Dali Ikon 6 MK2 Speakers in excellent condition

    I am the second owner of these absolutely fantastic sounding speakers. I got them from the first owner in near mint condition for 75,000 after he had barely used it for a few months. I am the second owner. The condition is excellent, almost mint, actually. My expected price is 65,000. I can...
  9. A

    F&D Tower Speakers

    Hey all Just while casual surfing I came across the brand F&D. Does not look like a well known brand as not many reviews are available for its products. I see they have powered tower speakers as well within 12k which is quite cheap. Any idea about how these products are? Namely T80U and T60x...
  10. R

    Home Theatre options to buy?

    Hi All, I am setting up a new home theatre and have gone through lot of options for speakers but have come down to following options. Please suggest which one to go for. All below options will be driven by suitable Marantz pre and power amps. The room size is 22' x 16' Option 1...
  11. parambir

    For Sale Sanen Tower Speakers

    Hi I am disposing my Sanen Tower Speakers which are about 5 yrs old. I bought them new from Mumbai. They are presently connected to my Yamaha rx-v671 amp. I dont remember the model but they are very similar to SN 602 Mark II towers. Sanen They are in perfect working condition. There has...
  12. Kannan

    Speaker build with Dayton Drivers

    I had been reading encouraging reviews on Dayton audio drivers and they were quite economical as well. So I took the first plunge with Dayton reference series alluminium cone drivers in my car audio setup where I went completely DIY except for the fibreglass fabrication for midrange and...
  13. S

    For Sale Magnat Monitor Supreme 1000 towers and Magnat C250 Center speaker

    I want to put up my beloved Magnat Monitor Supreme 1000 towers and the Magnat C250 center speaker for sale. I have the surrounds too but want to keep them for now. Magnat Monitor Supreme 1000 towers are 3 way speakers with a warm sound and high sensitivity (92 db). They can be driven easily...
  14. S

    Want to change Front speakers Yamaha YHT 299

    Hello I have Yamaha YHT 299 , with satellite speakers, I want to buy tower speakers, which type of speakers are compatible for YHT 299, and which manufacturers are better Regards Srinivas.K
  15. D

    Sound Tower / Speakers for LED 3D TV

    Folks, I am looking for some great surround/virtual surround speakers with deep bass which can solve my below needs 1. I should be able to plug them directly with my TV without any amp (The TV is in my master bedroom so I'm kinda trying to avoid too many wires and boxes). Two sound towers...
  16. bijinmb

    The Singularities MLTL - Dayton PS220 8" Full Range - Build

    Hi Folks, Just thought of sharing the project "The Singularities" with Dayton PS220-8 Point source 8" Full ranger. Its worth going through the author's page before getting into this. URL: Speaker Design Works A quick overview of the specifications: Cabinet type: MLTL Driver: Dayton PS220-8...
  17. G

    Speakers for Marantz NR1602

    I am based out of Kolkata. Just got a Marantz NR1602 receiver for which I have been shortlisting speakers. Its got 50 W per channel - planning to biamp the speaker... Room is 20 ft by 12 ft. Primarily looking for Music-70% and movies-30%. Planning to get two tower speakers to begin with...
  18. S

    Suggestion required - Tower Speaker for Onkyo NR 636 Receiver

    Hi all, I have Onkyo NR636 network receiver. 7.2 channel Receivers | A/V Receiver | Stereo Receiver | AVR | TX-NR636 | Onkyo USA I am looking for a good tower speaker. Budget is Rupees 50K. Preference is to listen good acoustic music than movies. Please let me know your suggestion and...

    For Sale Classic kef q50 floorstanding tower speakers

    Putting up my CLASSIC KEF Q50 FLOORSTANDING TOWER SPEAKERS - MADE IN ENGLAND for sale! Specification: Q50 System type: 2-way, floor standing Enclosure type: Reflex Dimensions (H x W x D): 800 x 190 x 301mm (31.5 x 7.5 x 11.85 inches) Weight: 11kg (24.3 lbs) Nominal impedance...
  20. E

    Aero tower speakers

    Hi all, Came across this new 'brand' of active towers which seem to be significantly overpriced. Music System | Aero Digital Just curious, has anyone heard them? Any reviews, listening impressions?