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Wharfedale Diamond 12 Series
  1. A

    For Sale Audio Note DAC 2.1x signature

    Audio Note DAC 2.1x signature Hello, So after a long stint with two channel audio I have decided to give back the dedicated audio room to the family and settle down with a smaller system in the living room. Hence for sale is my much loved and cared for Audio Note Dac 2.1x signature. This...
  2. A

    Marantz CD6004 playback issues

    Hi FMs, My marantz CD6004 [audio CD player] is again giving problems with playback. It is 8 years old and CDs [good ones with no scratch] stop playing intermittently. It doesn't stop at same place on the CD/track but randomly. I used a CD lens cleaner from Allsop. It has reduced the problem...
  3. L

    Nakamichi MusicBank MB-10 mods

    The Nakamichi MB-10 is a 5-CD, slot-loading CD changer in the same form factor as many single-CD players, and has an excellent 24-bit, 96 kHz DAC (AD1855) and a high-quality build as well as electronics. Its only weakness (if any) lies in the analog output stage, which is already very good, but...
  4. particleman

    Players, Transports and DACs Price List

    Price Thread for: CD, SACD, and other high-fidelity audio players (not DVD/BD), Dedicated transports, Digital-to-analogue converters and other processors. Fellow users are requested to dedicate this thread to prices and dealers only. Kindly avoid discussion of this or any other...